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  1. The muv-luv team I have a question when will the digital version of the muv-luv games come out for the vita plus when will we start getting the I stuff we pledged for 

  2. Our trusted comrades at Sekai Project have begun working on the third party solution using Steam API, to help distribute the live version Steam keys to the original AppID owners. It may take around the 4th week of April for them to complete it. However, as the announcement title says, the original owners can already get their live version Steam key(s)! 1. Just simply send us an e-mail attanaka@ixtl.jpwith the following details: a. link to your Steam user account. b. (optional) if you have reviewed the game(s), send us a link to the review(s). 2. Add a friend 3. Once the friend request has been approved, send them a private message containing your email address. It'll take around 1-7 business days for us to send the key, depending on the amount of requests.
  3. We're almost there everyone, just a bit more until the physical rewards are sent! Once PQube produced the PS Vita cartridges*, they'll send the copies to the company handling the production of PC DVDs, Kickstarter Collector's Boxes**, Kickstarter artbook, and OST. The aforementioned company will alsoassemblethe Collector's boxes before sending it to TOM. Lastly, TOM will be doing the final packaging and shipping to backers’ doorsteps. The digital format of theCODEX is already completed, and will be printed very soon. The rest of the rewards like the pillowcases, Sumika figma, and apparels (T-Shirt, hoodies and TSF Pilot jackets), Destroyer plushies, and TSFshave been produced for quite some time already. *PQube will only produce a finite numberof units, enough to justify our partnership and for them to recoup the manufacturing costs. **Rice Digital's collector's box is different from the Kickstarter's $150 collector's box. **The Kickstarter Collector's Boxes doesn't have any ratings on the cover designs. The ratings only appliesto PS Vita cases. All therewards are coming from TOM's warehouse in Portland Oregon, andESRB/PEGi rating willNOT affect customs taxes. Lastly, while the $80 Kickstarter physical bundle isn't purelyexclusive, Backers still get an extra digital downloadalong with their pledges. Please keep your recipient name, shipping address, telephone numberup-to-date in BackerKit Contact us if you need to change your shipping country, or if you've lost your personal BackerKit link. Please don't share your personal BackerKit link with anyone!
  4. muv luv removed by steam?

    The Muv-Luv trilogy has been relaunched, but it's underdifferent AppIDs. Valve is currently helping us so original AppID owners will also get the supported versions.
  5. Muv-Luv game FAQ

    Most of the FAQ contents in the forum are related to Kickstarter. You can check the Muv-Luv game FAQ here: and Muv-Luv Alternative game FAQ here:
  6. All bug reports and feedback for Muv-Luv Alternative BETA release goes here. For bug reports, kindly follow thisformat: Bug/Issue Details Date (determines the version of the build) Screenshot and try to searchexisting issues using the search bar on the top-right to avoid duplicates/reposts.
  7. Hello! Please please, I've tried posting on the forums, sending message on the forums, sending message on Kickstarter, and emailing. I do not have access to backerkit email since Dec 2016 and cannot access any pledge rewards since then.

    1. The Muv-Luv Team

      The Muv-Luv Team

      Hi ExKage, what was your email address before you changed it? I've looked up your current email and found none in our records.

    2. ExKage


      Hello! Thank you for responding. I sent an email/private message to avoid publishing the old email in public.

  8. Change Reward from Vita to PC?

    Hello Delok, We tried looking for your email on our database but it's not appearing. We also checked our messages on Kickstarter, but none of the backers emailing us last week have the same address. Can you email us using your backer email at
  9. Hi everyone,

    Kickstarter update #40 - Muv-Luv Alternative Trailer is live!

    We'll post updates monthly once again as we're approaching the release of Muv-Luv Alternative : )

  10. Backer here, is it too late to add a Physical Codex?



      The admin or mod no doubt saw this by now. A simple yes or no would have sufficed. I would have thought a backer willing to pay more money would quickly meet a response.

  11. Changing address

    Hi FaceEater, That's quite a problem indeed, thank youfor the heads up! You can update your delivery addressaroundMay/June if you have no physical PS Vita on yourlist ofrewards
  12. Hi everyone,

    We will be replying to emails regarding personal BackerKit URLs by Sunday. Thank you for your patience.

  13. I'm in the military I may be moving before the physical vita release is shipped out. Will there be an address confirmation before shipment? Thank you.

    1. The Muv-Luv Team

      The Muv-Luv Team

      Yes, we will be asking everyone to update their address in BackerKit :)

    2. rlranft


      Additionally, worst-case good ol' Uncle Sam will forward your mail to your next unit.  Unless, of course, you're in off-post housing, in which case you just file a change of address form with the U.S. Postal Service and they'll handle it for you....

  14. can you please reply to my PM soon? thanks

    1. The Muv-Luv Team

      The Muv-Luv Team

      We replied to your message. Please let us know your backer email asap so we could process your request :)