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  1. This thread is for reporting bugs, typos, and submitting feedback regarding photonflowers BETA release. When reporting an bug, please include the following: 1. Full description of the bug 2. Steps to reproduce the bug 3. Screenshots (if applicable) 4. Your system specs (OS, Processor, Memory, Graphics Card) For typos and grammatical errors, simply send us a screenshot, or a brief description of the scene and which side story it occurred. Feedback and criticisms are very welcome. Please keep the discussionscivil and try to read other member's posts before submitting anything.
  2. Hey all! I've Googled, I've browsed the forums, I've looked inside my heart, I've tried to ask Marimo under the cherry blossom trees, etc.

    It looks like Photonmelodies (the Photon with Altered Fable) is coming, but I can't see any clear or even vague "when" beyond a vague post or two from 2016 and another fuzzy post from early this year.

    Any updates on that project?

    Also, while I'm here, thank you all for your work on the main trilogy. I thought I had no interest in VNs and you all showed me I was very wrong. Thank you bringing us the Muv Luv magic.

    1. Klashvorn


      Yahallo~ !

      We were teased about progress on photonflowers last month on Twitter.

      I get the feeling it won't be too much longer before we have news. Just a little more patience, it'll pay off :mlheart:

    2. testskwrlz


      Thanks for sharing this! I wish they'd consolidate those updates to here. I remain excited. :)

  3. Hello, DHL just informed me that my rewards will be sent to a wrong address. How can we proceed to fix this? Will I have to wait until it is returned?

    Plz respond ;-;

  4. Rewards being sent?

    They shouldn't, because it's taxed by BackerKit andKickstarter already. And even then, they are digital rewards paid under US jurisdiction. In the invoice sheet written on the package, no digital rewards are included as well, so they shouldn't be allowedto tax it. We also updated the decals so it's also declared $10,and addeda "+$1" for rewardswith the stickers so it matches the values. Please keep us posted about this.
  5. Rewards being sent?

    That's an old post. What we have now is matching the invoice attachedwith the packages. Please do not change it. @jevitsjOkay, if customs decided a value and did not ask for the proof of payment... They still should've based it off the physical rewards total ($130) since the invoice attached with the packages should have the same declaration values. In which case, we still averted them from taxing the full pledge amount. If possible, can you ask them to send you the invoice sheet? We're quite curious as well how they made the computation.
  6. Rewards being sent?

    Yup, some digital rewards don't have values declared with them. There are also physical rewards that's supposed to be combined with another item, for example: Raptor American Style Decal is part of "TSF Raptor with signed sticker,"weseparated them because the warehouse staff requested it.
  7. Rewards being sent?

    Hi everyone, if DHL/customs needs a response asap, please show them the "Order Confirmation" page in your personal BackerKit link. It's the page with the full list of order details, and we've added the declared values recently to both physical and digital rewards. -Jason
  8. Rewards being sent?

    @jevitsjcan you pm me youre-mail address registered in Backerkit? Also, the update is postponed, we're triple checking if the instructions we'llbe postingin the update and here in the forumswill be accepted by customs. We expect this to be done within 24 hours or less.
  9. Rewards being sent?

    On a positive note, the weights seem to imply they're not just the items being delivered. ie 4.1kg is too heavy for gift bag, same with Temuthril's plushie being 8.2 lbs. -Jason
  10. Rewards being sent?

    Hi everyone, we'll have a Kickstarter update within a few hours. Feel free to continue asking questions so we can answer them in the update. -Jason
  11. The muv-luv team I have a question when will the digital version of the muv-luv games come out for the vita plus when will we start getting the I stuff we pledged for 

  12. Updated - Please refer to this link on how to obtain your keys: Our trusted comrades at Sekai Project have begun working on the third party solution using Steam API, to help distribute the live version Steam keys to the original AppID owners. It may take around the 4th week of April for them to complete it. However, as the announcement title says, the original owners can already get their live version Steam key(s)! 1. Just simply send us an e-mail attanaka@ixtl.jpwith the following details: a. link to your Steam user account. b. (optional) if you have reviewed the game(s), send us a link to the review(s). 2. Add a friend 3. Once the friend request has been approved, send them a private message containing your email address. It'll take around 1-7 business days for us to send the key, depending on the amount of requests.
  13. muv luv removed by steam?

    The Muv-Luv trilogy has been relaunched, but it's underdifferent AppIDs. Valve is currently helping us so original AppID owners will also get the supported versions.
  14. Muv-Luv game FAQ

    Most of the FAQ contents in the forum are related to Kickstarter. You can check the Muv-Luv game FAQ here: and Muv-Luv Alternative game FAQ here: