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  1. Share The Luv Giveaway!

    Were the most recent emails sent out yet? Cause James Scould be me... Well maybe. Im hopeful but not extreamly hopeful.
  2. Muv-Luv Feedback

    @StormVanguard man... I guess. Still I find it just as awkward as dude. More so infact as it's less gender neutral, and sounds like someone trying to be 'in with the times man'. Also he has used in english translation 'you' with relation to meiya previously (in english we need it for the line to sound right, in the japanese script the word you was not used in relation to Meiya, because when speaking with her as the subject either he name was used or the object was dropped). Basically Japanese and English don't easily work well together. There's a reason translators of manga sometimes have to put out an announcement that a character was actually male/female all along and that in setting everyone knew it. in english 'he said this' could be written as 'A-kun said this' or if it is known that A-kun is the subject it would be ' said this'. In fact if both the subject and object is known it could also be written as 'said'. 'You' is not something used except informally or intimately (generally speaking). I think omae has also be translate as 'dearest, or sweetheart' on occasion between married couples.
  3. Muv-Luv Feedback

    It works. Dude isn't a common word in many areas, but it works better than saying "you you you" which I can understand as I know enough Japanese to understand the context and the original word but it still is disruptive to read 'you you you' It's like teme being translated as 'bastard'. A translation I personally find more fluid than Omae to 'dude', but only because dude isn't a common word in my area.Dude is probably the best fit. Sometimes there is no perfect fit.
  4. Muv-Luv Feedback

    @stormvanguard I Apologize for earlier tone. I was overly terse and may have come off as rude, for which I apologize (I was writing on the phone and noticed this on rereading it) The obvious ones that leap to mind are kohai and sempai. The meaning is fairly obvious, but Ive never read (or seen in any movie) some called upperclassman/seniorin casual English conversation. In fact, using the direct translation makes it really odd. In conversational English there is a degree of respect in the tone of the conversation, but the sempai isn't going to addressed regularly as senior. Another is 'you'. Japanese has a great many ways to say 'you' many of which are rude and get translated as b*****d or other swears despite not meaning this (Japanese in general doesn't have swear words per say, so much as ways of speaking rudely). Some versions of 'you' are very intimate and can be easily translated as 'dear' or 'wife/husband' but again that's not whats actually being said. 'I' is another word with like five versions at least (watashi/watakuchi/boku/atashi/ore ect). Each one means I, but has completely different tone and nuance. As a male if I said atashi it would be really odd or could be taken to be mocking, or imply I'm trying to be cutesy. Boku would give the tone of being relaxed (if a female said it, it would imply tomboyish nature). Ore is a complicated one that can be rude or just really really relaxed. Each version of 'I' has a tone to it that can't easily be put into English. Added to the fun fact Japanese verbs get an extra conjugation based on politeness. Which means I can write one sentence in English and it corresponds word for word with 5 different ones in Japanese (in which I could be cras, informal, polite, or super polite) Please bear in mind I'm an amateur with only a bit of understanding. But as I said, sometimes to preserve the tone and nuance of the language the word for word translation cant work cause it doesn't sound right, or there is no real way to translate it directly. And even choosing a word can't satisfy everyone (I can think of a few VN elsewhere where I've questioned the word choice despite understanding why it was done.) Also really curious how Shakespeare is translated in Japanese... Note :reworded this since I didn't like the original that was written on the phone
  5. Muv-Luv Feedback

    @evan This translation is one of the best i've seen a long time. It has the nuance of the Japanese script well translated into English (which is damn hard because some phrases and words have no direct opposite that sound right in spoken English).
  6. Muv-Luv Feedback

    My thoughts on the pop up are it's a good compromise. As i'll be honest, I like extra now, but its a high entry barrier. If I could have skipped one of the routes, I would have in unlocking it. And if I could have jumped in say at the lacross... I would have definitely done so. Extra is an good visual novel, but it feels like a 90's harem comedy, every trope is hit... and if you've played a fair number of vn, that's not going to help either. A pop up is a good way to let those of us that came for the other story a chance to jump into it faster, rather than be turned off (I would have put it away for a while if I hadn't had someone keep telling me it gets better and I knew mecha was coming). That being said I do rather like extra now, but that's only because of unlimited and alternative.
  7. Changes to OST / Music licensing problems

    I saw your list and rather agreed with it. It was well thought out and I agreed with all of the points (both the pluses and minuses of the new port). my comment was in regards to the song, and other songs that may also need to be changed.
  8. Changes to OST / Music licensing problems

    Yeah. Most of us are pretty damn happy with everything. There will always be a vocal minority who want more... and then more. ANd heaven forbid something has to be changed, even if the reason makes sense.
  9. In regard to cropped CGs

    there was meantion that they might put the uncropped CGs at least into the gallery for veiwing which sounds nice
  10. In regard to cropped CGs

    I was thinking of interface ingeneral, like the old version had different layout ie sprites have to be spaced differently to take advantage of the increased with of screen. Basically not sure if there was more behind the scenes in the new user interface than just cropping, that might necessitate a full redesign to get working (script layout would also have to be redone for 3:4 layout unless the box came back).
  11. In regard to cropped CGs

    might not be doable without redoing the entire game... I mean sounds easy but I'm not sure it actually is
  12. 18+ Patch

    It's also the weekend. Just want to point that out. Not everyone works on weekends, although most of us play on them.
  13. In regard to cropped CGs

    if it's only a part of photon, it would be better for it to be all of one style.
  14. In regard to cropped CGs

    in alernative at least it's native aspect ratio is already like that. I think. So no issues in that regard, and I'd expect photon would also use the widescreen in it's original version.its only extra unlimited tht were originall 3:4
  15. Muv-Luv Feedback

    Personally the cropped CG originals added to the gallery would be nice (as with the current screen size the cg would have to be completely redesigned to work with the current ratio, so cropping is unavoidable). Only other thing is more options to change the characteristics of the text ( ie speed, color, whether sound ends at next line or continues till next voiced line ect). Something that I don't think can be changed is the dialogue boxes. I rather like those since it makes it easier to read (not a programmer so not sure about how feasible that is). All relatively minor things. But still loving the remake so far. edit Someone pointed out something I agree with and made me rethink the text boxes since Alt doesn't have them