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  1. Is TYPE-MOON coming to the West AT LAST?!

    It's probably impossible. They don't seem to care at all. Dovac said he tried to get in contact with them but apparently their lawyers are insane and they want unreasonably amount of money just to license one game. And really, Nasu is swimming in money with that F/GO, I don't think they have reasons to do something. Anyway, that being said, I hope I'm incorrect.
  2. Maybe yes, maybe not. It will depend on how much different this version will be of the original.
  3. Sharin no Kuni is most likely confirmed at this point, unless they give up because of this whole affair about aspect ratio and cropped CGs (which I think it's not that big deal, but whatever).
  4. Other Notable VNs

    Actually, this Sakura isn't published by Sekai, although I don't know why. But yeah, Winged Cloud should stop already.
  5. Other Notable VNs Anyone buying it?
  6. Other Notable VNs

    Wait, how do you missed that?
  7. Harmonia, new VN by Key

    Who HYPE here? Any expectations, commentaries, etc? From what I see, it has a Planetarian vibe (hell, one could say it's a clone, lol), certainly damn FEELs are included. If anyone doesn't know, Harmonia is the newest kinetic novel from Key, that is celebrating its 15th anniversary, and will be released (hopefully) on Steam by the end of this year, even before Japan. Here is the store page:
  8. Muv Luv Hairstyles

    Eccentric is the right word
  9. The Almighty SPAM TOPIC!

    Deal with my signature, though it isn't that big.
  10. Rewrite is my favorite and Muv-Luv the second, but just because the cast of characters, I just can't point someone who I don't like in Rewrite.
  11. The Almighty SPAM TOPIC!

    The man who created that hell of gacha must be tortured for all eternity. But thankfully, I already have what I want, hence that gacha can eat shit for all I care.
  12. I still advice you to avoid everything about Muv-Luv. Really. It's a blasphemy to have Alternative spoiled to someone.
  13. The Almighty SPAM TOPIC!

    If I do that for everyone who knows me, then I would ran out of Black Keys, wouldn't I? So, I really don't care about my fame.
  14. The Almighty SPAM TOPIC!

    I see, that explains everything.
  15. Guy, for your own sake, stay away of this forum and every muv-luv related thing and discussion. Please. For me, just a recommendation from a friend.