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  1. End of Jan announcement??

    No worries guys:
  2. Basically yeah. Even "purely" hard-scifi stories (e.g. Greg Egan's) tend to use that trick as well to go in uncharted territories, but this is quite noticeable here.
  3. I remember Yuuko saying that whenever he died the world was rebooting and that Kasumi sort of said the Extra branches were "broken" because he was "pulled out" of them*. I remember having difficulties imagining how it would work within the confines of Everett Theory but then I might have completely misunderstood and it's been a while haha. OOT: In a sense Altered Fable might just be a branch created at the same time than Final Extra. *: Except probably the Sumika ones given the explanation for that phenomenon. Guess that's why Supplement and Haruko Maniax are post-Sumika?
  4. I always figured the Takamura family could be behind SAGA INTOPROCESS and Yui would be perfect as Valgernon's gamedesign genius. Like, she would take really seriously her Valgernon game mechanics science on top of being a bookworm. Also, being epic rivals with Meiya and Kazusa on their katana skills. *drolling at all the comedy potential*
  5. @The Muv-Luv Team I am not sure this is related but I am asking here: before I finalize the shipping address I have seen this part: Does it mean that even long after the BackerKit is closed and say, you send my goods in august, I can still update my address right before you ship them that month?
  6. Schwarzesmarken

    I wouldn't say that for TDA at least. It gives something that I always wanted to see and felt was missing from the main trilogy (though of course it evolved into its own thing that's better read after). I wouldn't dismiss some of the Chronicles/short stories either, as they feel as parts that were cut from the main story for probably all kind of reasons like time and/or budget. Like anything related to the trilogy's characters.
  7. Schwarzesmarken's OP

    Not a big fan of the OP either, though I am starting to get used to it. There was some game footage today on niconico and the rest of the soundtrack is very solid from what I could hear when nobody talked. Wasn't a big fan of the weird "sprite warping" to give a walking animation for the BETA but other than that it sounds like a good mecha action fix for that part of the Schwarzesmarken deal. Carnelian character design is stellar and the voice actors did a great job as always. I doubt you need the Muv-Luv moniker here either. Those who do not know ML don't need prerequisites to enjoy the story (though it will surely help with the enjoyment factor!) and Muv-Luv is too niche here to attract viewers based on that "brand". Total Eclipse had the moniker because it had it to begin with in Japan. There's probably legal reasons too, we never know. Though with the recent Kickstarter hypetrain, I might be saying something stupid.
  8. My opionion why Takeru has no harem ending

    I am sure I would have done worse before this series enlightened me on my own shortcomings . Same goes for Takeru. I like how credible and relatable their faults are, because when they grow up this is satisfying as hell.
  9. How would you feel about redrawn art?

    @WS Eule Quickly uploaded 3 pictures. Be warned, one might spoil what a particular ML protagonist became in TDA (I've put it in third, so you can scroll down to 2nd picture only if you prefer):
  10. How would you feel about redrawn art?

    Not a fan of the art you linked. But now if it was TDA-style, which is consistent with the the original look yet great looking, I'd be all for it.
  11. My opionion why Takeru has no harem ending

    Pretty likely yeah, or at least he is angry at his past self :) There's an interesting article about that:
  12. My opionion why Takeru has no harem ending

    I think the reason he never had one is that "you have to choose and hurt people doing so" is an âge thing in all their works that I am aware of.
  13. @Marx-93 My hypothesis is that To stay on topic, if I had to forget what I said a few posts earlier and change one thing, it would be the voices cutting in while Yuuhi is doing her speech after that 12/5 incident. The girls talk almost at the same time as Yuuhi and I think it ruins a little the (cool) direction in this particular scene. Actually, it could have very well worked without them talking at all since the context is good enough, though I like the performances themselves.
  14. @Marx-93 Well, they could So, the sky is the limit. Still, as always I might overlook important stuff and you might be right. That's part of the fun, because I want to read it again and pay attention to everything ASAP :D
  15. "IIRC" as in that other thread but: You know what? Actually we should wait for the CODEX or re-read everything before we get in the details, because we both need to refresh our memories On topic: I think most of the girls are put on the side way too much as soon as the second part of MLA kicks in and I was a bit saddened by this state of matters. Mostly because there's a lot going on by then, but still... Perhaps a bit more streamlining for the infodumps as well, to make the story move and explain things on the go. Though Op21 was greatly enhanced by knowing every specifics before.