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  1. digital extras kickstarter exclusive?

    I dunno, but I bet photonwhatevers would be up there as they are games.
  2. Rewards being sent?

    They shouldn't be able to tax you over a thing that isn't sent on the package (and that has been already taxed to make it worse).
  3. Basically I introduced the codes for Muv luv and Alternative 2018 into steam and then I noticed I have it now two times? Is that normal?
  4. Tokyo Warfare

    A bit too late u.u
  5. Schwarzesmarken

    A non-factor? WUT. It's not like they beta are going to leave them be. By their mere existence URSS forces attract attacks from the hives, especially the Minsk one as this one is the defacto thing that is in the middle of URSS and it's Eastern European countries. Also, with the path of least resistance, it's literally military resistance. Geographical things other than active volcanos are a non-factor to the BETA (and this is canon) as for where for them to go. And I repeat, the existence of any human forces around the hives that attack Germany means they attract BETA attention, so they divert BETA forces from Germany itself. The number of Hives at this point is not that high also, so the BETA can't muster so big waves as later they are going to pull off. And in any way, WEST germany shouldn't need to be putting people of Katya's age onto a TSF. As I already explained they haven't lost so many people yet to be taking such drastic measures. And the squad being suicide is not a factor in all the stasi thing. All the behaviour shown in the anime on the Stasi part doesn't make sense at any point, what is this nonsense of weakening the defense of such important defensive line just because the stasi wants to kill someone, much the least to kill a poor old SOB and his squad, which with the apparent power that the STASI has, could have been accused and killed on base without losing any valuable TSF in the process and endangering everyone just because I am evil. As another point to have in mind, TSF production in 1983 is just upscaling to adequate levels after the US tech transfer to ease manufacture elsewhere, not to say that East Germany can't be building many on their own. This Stasi squad needs another Stasi with more sense of duty and common sense on them to behave , it seems.
  6. Schwarzesmarken

    Contrary to what one can think, losing Moscow isn't that hard for the URSS as at this point a good part of the population should have moved eastward, as well as much as industry as it can. Remember that at the point schwarzermarken is set, the URSS is bloodied but not defeated. The nuclear earth-scorched tactic was used as soon as airpower was demolished from the air by the laser class, though supposedly is not ¿effective?.Actually at this point each front is a temporary defense line as they become unmaintenable after some time. The thing with eastern europe isn't how much powerful they are, but that they are there and attracting Beta attention too, being the point that it isn't Eastern Germany alone which is fighting there the BETA and also that Western involvement at this point is limited(and as I said, not enough to be at the breaking point of using teenagers for TSF). Though you have to explain to me why you say that bulgaria etc are so weak and then go on about that they are going germany because it's the path of least resistance(known Beta behaviour) About Scandinavia I recall reading somewhere that there was some effective defense using terrain and the distance from nearby nests, probably abandoned when the evacuation was complete or the situation was going to be too harsh (remember that "fiber like" pink are front like incursions, not actually beta hold territory). Regarding Katya again, in Western Germany as I already explained it makes no sense because they should have more than enough suitable manpower at this point to man the few hundreds of TSF they are going to have, and if they are making use of any special training program it makes sense that at this point they would be preparing them with great care, not throwing them at the frontlines without having the necessity to do so. In fact, it could make some sense if Katya was in a US TSF squadron as they set to recruit from the refugees for fighting the BETA, but she is ina western germany sqn. It's hard to imagine them doing just that, and even if she would be accepted in the military, to be sent to the frontlines so soon in a vital machine like the TSF are is ludicrous(non-cooperation is one of the main points going about why the BETA are so succesful, its not like NATO is throwing all of it's might to defend Eastern Germany), circumstances tally requirements, and at this point the Western Europeans don't need to be sending everything at the BETA. About the recruitment in Eastern Germany, it's actually even funny what they do: First, a former enemy pilot is rescued. I am gonna asume western germany asks about it's pilots but Eastern Germany says there are no survivors. Then, after some sort of comprobations(which without western germany cooperation, could not go much far) they accept her into the military. Then, the Stasi, who are enough stupid and hold enough power to compromise a defensive operation at a critical point of time that could mean the end of East Germany and lose vital assets (like TSF are) without suffering consequences, has no real power to act about the suspicious western pilot. Ok, I have to believe this makes sense.
  7. Schwarzesmarken

    I don't think it's the case, unless you are being chomped.The main donators of BETA food at this point are the URSS and China. Palailogos and Neptune albeit resource costly are nothing that would make western europe at this point use as TSF pilots people so young. About Neptune date regarding schwarzesmarken I am not sure, but the numbers employed on it , even if all of those where lost, as a whole mean squat: And that between UN, USA, EU and Warsaw forces. Not much really to make the western nations have to use people so young. It's not gonna be until
  8. Schwarzesmarken

    It's a shame setting and character building is left to rot. For the first paragraph: A poor choice. Now not only they seem evil, but stupid. I am still facepalming hard at the fact that to kill someone they would compromise the last defensive line. For the second: The URSS is still fighting. In fact is one of the paths where the BETA are having more fierce resistance. As I recall, the BETA always follow the path of less resistance, and it happens that the URSS it's not going to have bitten the bullet until well into the 90's.1983, Scandinavia is still resisting at the north, and south and south east of eastern Germany there was resistance still. East Germany wasn't at the receiving end of all the Minsk hive power. Also, Western Europe could be relocating their population, but they aren't losing tons of people to the BETA , bringing them to the point to have someone as young as Katya is in a TSF fighting. If you ask me this is simply poor ploting and disregarding "in universe rules" set in previous works off said universe. Something I used for a RP introduction: (map gif, be warned, it's spoilerish)
  9. Schwarzesmarken

    I can only say that after two episodes (and without having read it beforehand) Schwarzesmarken is being a very big dissapointment. I don't know if its because I expected too much to start with, but the story so far is very underwhelming full of things that don't make any sense. Hope is that all clicks in the end, but it's a very dim hope as what I see are too easy exits for explaining things and hows.
  10. Customs/Duty tax

    Each country has it's own way to do it, but what the Muv Luv Team is saying is as simple as the value declared will be the production cost of the things you are receiving, which is in general a 33% of what you payed, so when customs ask you "pay me a % of this" it will be a % of 1/3 of what you payed in the kickstarter, not a % of what you payed in the KS. Example: You put 300 dollars for the KS. Normally, if they put this as cost of the things you are receiving, if your country is gonna charge you taxes, it would be calculated from those 300 dollars. Because the Muv Luv team thinked, and being a KS and all that, it is possible to put as cost the production cost, which is generally a 33% of the amount pledged. That means the taxes are gonna be calculated at 1/3 of the cost of your pledge, being SIGNIFICALLY lower. In my case, it means that it is not being automatically stopped. And if they do stop it, it means I will pay 25€+20% of the value of the product. As I pledged 300(rounding 1 dollar = 1 €)but a 33% is 100, it means I will pay 25€+20, instead of 25€+60. A considerable saving. But I pray to all gods that customs doesn't stop it, they have a tendency to retain things for months or not know where they are and it's impossible contacting them.
  11. 300k $ surplus theories

    Color me surprised and at the same time aroused
  12. My opionion why Takeru has no harem ending

    I like to think that Muv Luv is a scifi VN story which happens to have the sexual content a little upward because it needed the space on the japanese stores shelfs to attract attention, notwithstanding some of the most story-driven sexual situations where it fits in so well that cutting it its a crime.
  13. It's funny because Kickstarter support said to me "VISA ELECTRONS DONT WORK". Guess what I have and has done the payment succesfully? Yep, a Visa Electron. I am suspecting that KS has to invest some more money on their payment recollection code.
  14. I like alot more how art was originally. Not for the sake of it being the original, but I like a lot more the style. In fact the difference in the valkyries faces... new ones are so bad compared to the old ones O_o