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  1. So, as one of the people who is trying my very best to patiently wait for the 18+ patch, so I can finally play Muv-Luv, after over 4 entire months of waiting since the release, I am pretty worried by this tweet. You guys have estimated Alternative for a possible Febuary release. Add in the current time it took to make the patch for Muv-Luv, (assuming it does come out in November, which might not even happen,) it took 4 and a half months to get it done, putting the original content of Alternative sometime in late June 2017. If you put even less priority on this work in Alternative, the waiting time for the original version of Muv-Luv Alternative will just be completely unreasonable. I really don't want to make any whining threads or anything, as I truly do understand and respect the fact that this porting is a big challenge, but as a fan of the original work and not a censored version, I'm really struggling just sitting by silently when so many people can play an altered version of the game, while we have to wait who knows how long in order to play the original. It feels like the fact that this is originally an eroge has slipped everyone's minds, as they happily play the altered version whille we just sit here waiting. Can you guys explain this tweet in any way? Have the people waiting patiently for the original work become less of a priority over these past 4 months, where we have all been silently waiting for the day we can finally play the game...? It seems like a blow in the gut to the people who are already down. Again, I truly do understand that porting takes time, but this is an eroge originally, and loads of people out there are waiting for the ability to play the actual eroge content in this game. The waiting time is getting a tad bit crazy, so a tweet saying it might be even longer the next time around really sounds like we just aren't appriciated much at all, when we in fact should be the original crowd targeted by a game like this.
  2. 18+ Patch

    You will always get a bit of a different impression when reading VNs in Japanese, yes. It's very hard to bring over the personality of every Japanese character, because of certain small things like accents, speech patterns and so on that you don't really see in the English language. Things like honorifics and titles is not really found in English, so that too becomes difficult to fully bring over. The difference is rarely huge though, and you can still hear the character's tone of voice and such in games with voice acting. Even if you don't speak Japanese, a character shouting at the top of their lungs is a universally understood form of communication. Personally I prefer reading in English over Japanese if the option is there though, (hence why I'm here, waiting for the translated 18+ version of Muv-Luv, instead of just buying the Japanese original game.)
  3. 18+ Patch

    Ah I see, thanks for clearing that up.
  4. 18+ Patch

    I see. So these scenes we are talking about, are they in the current version of the game already? (If so, is there any censorship in them at all?)
  5. 18+ Patch

    @Hirei EDIT: Seems this isn't really the same issue. Since I haven't played the games yet, I wasn't aware. do you guys know yet if this patch will contain all the original content, gore and H? Or will parts of the 18+ patch also be changed because of the fact that this is a port? I heard some people talk about twizzlers and chomp or something. I have no clue what that means, but I'm assuming they are refering to parts in the game that might be controversial. tl;dr do you guys know yet if the patch will contain everything in it's original state?
  6. 18+ Patch

    This is very true, and of course you make a lot of good points. EDIT: Have to apologize for my childish behavoir, demanding a response when they clearly did not have it. Don't know what I was thinking. But is asking for a simple response on the thread that was made on their own forum too much to ask? If they are having trouble getting the patch out because the original creators are holding them back, or if it's engine trouble or if it's anything else really, all the have to do is say :"this is the reason, nothing we can do." But, instead, all we got was "soon TM." That doesn't help at all, it in fact just makes things worse as we have no idea what is going on. All I want is a propper response. This is not at all meant to be a negative post about them. They are clearly working hard to reply to issues people have about the release, but this particular subject is clearly being dodged, and it would be great to at least hear why. All we need is a simple reply and everything is fine.
  7. 18+ Patch

    I can't speak for everyone else, but for me at least, it's not like I really want to look at the CGs all day long. It's the fact that I want the game the way it is meant to be, not a censored version, no matter how trivial the actual cut content is. And that won't be possible until the 18+ patch is out, so because of that, I want to know when that patch is coming out. Apperantly, "it will be out when it's done" is the best they can do, which is just a semantically null sentence.
  8. 18+ Patch

    Yeah, when will this be released? I personally am not interested in the censored game, so I'll be waiting for the patch. Any info on when it comes out would be appriciated.
  9. Title pretty much says it all. I´ve payed with paypal, but on the kickstarted page and my profile, it says that I'm not backing the project. Will it update later, or is something wrong? I read the Q&A but I couldn't find anything specific on how paypal payments are handled, so I just want to make sure I don´t lose my opportunity to be a part of the backer project.