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  1. I looked over the measurements and when I went to measure myself I ended up being 104cm which is a small... but that can't be right... I normally wear Large American jackets. Can someone help me figure out what's going on?
  2. [RESOLVED] Are the Jackets in US sizes?

    @Aetherdeus, but I measured a 104cm and the extra large is 120cm... how does that work?
  3. [RESOLVED] Are the Jackets in US sizes?

    so what does that mean for me?
  4. [RESOLVED] Are the Jackets in US sizes?

    so.... you're saying I should get an Extra Large? But I measured myself with a fabric tape measure and it says I'm 104 which according to the Kickstarter FAQ is a Small....
  5. [RESOLVED] What do I get for $500?

    Thank you both, you have answered my question wholly and fully... thank you! =D
  6. So can someone give me a comprehensive list of everything I'll get because no one has ever given me the exact same answer.... here's what I understand to be the things I'll get for my pledge of $500: Physical Collectors Edition (Extra/Unlimited/Alternative) [Choose PC, or Vita + $80 if you want the other] Physical OST Physical Collectors Art Book Physical Codex Sumika Figma BETA Plush Yuuko's Gift Bag Wall Scroll Digital Copies (Extra/Unlimited/Alternative) [Choose PC, Vita, or Android] {Do we get 2 digital copies? one automatically for PC and then choose the other platform? or is it just one digital copy?} Digital OST Digital Collectors Art Book Digital Codex Digital Copies of Photon Melodies and PhotonFlowers Hoodie of our Choosing (TSF or BETA) I pledged $600 so I'm also getting Takemikazutchi ($65) and The Drill Milky Punch Shirt ($35) So did I name everything? or am I missing something? Please do let me know.
  7. Best route

    Mikoto is BAY Mikoto is life~!