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  1. Yeah, I agree. The second half of the plot does have some events/twists that I find "interesting" but overalldissatisfying. Which is why I don't usually recommend people going for it unless they are really hardcore-enthusiastic about the spin-off. Kinda ironic considering my signature is TE.
  2. Changes to OST / Music licensing problems

    "All creators" huh? No offence, but I would be rather impressed if you really went through every creators' projects to be able to come to this conclusion. I'dbeen avoiding nitpicking on this bold statement, but seemingly you have been skipping any response towards this inquirynumerous times since it's being brought up. I think few of us here are rather keen on hearing out your justification, consideringyou manage to narrow down to 0.1% accuracy on your comparison.
  3. Oh, you're right. Kinda slipped my mind since I complete all Extra routes before moving on. Sumika and Meiya areconsidered the main routes. These 2 routes sharesimilar core events (which ties into Unlimited and Alternative) apart from some character-specific scenes so you can readat least one of them before moving into Unlimited.
  4. Can't go into detail due to spoilers.Due to howtheplot progresses, the endings from previous story will not have direct impact (plot-wise) to the beginning of next part. But the endings does serve a purpose for the plot.
  5. Yeah, just thought of clarifying to OP in terms of contentsince you phrased it as "adapted perfectly". Well, the team is occupied with current projects so it'll probably be some time before they will give update on TE. Still something we can hope for I guess
  6. Since TE's fan translation isn't part of the current official localization, I think it's better not to ask about this here since it's more of a separateindependentproject.
  7. The anime adapted most of the Light Novel's content (which is the source material), but only half of the visual novel. Somecrucialparts come only in the second half of the VN.
  8. Should I finish Unlimited pre patch?

    As explained by FaceEater. You can read through the all-age version of Muv-Luv Extra and Unlimited without missing out the crucial story. Alternative's all-age scene(s) are actually also sufficient, just that majority of the fanbase agree that some scenes original uncensored version might give a greater impact to readers.
  9. Muv-Luv Feedback

    @evanI prefer In-Depth version, but agreeing on Scars Unseen idea about not getting too verbose. @TethoWell, better safe than sorry I suppose. In fact, I do come across some newcomers in other forums that aren't aware of Unlimited's setting.
  10. Steam Charts

    @StormVanguardMy thoughts exactly. Though from what I see not all of the the anticipation forthe patch are directed specifically for the adult content. Some are just preferring "full access" of contents before trying out so I guess that might be a more positive take at it. Let's hope more would try out Extra+Unlimited afterreviews and recommendations among the community, the current translation is definitely worth a read.
  11. Steam Charts

    My guess is some of them are waiting for either Alternative to play both together or the patch for the censored content.
  12. Muv-Luv Feedback

    I assume you meant this scene? It's there in the current release. (Edited: I just replayed the VN and video again. Not sure which part you mentioned as missing.)
  13. 18+ Patch

    @Randomacts Tha....That's a pretty in....insightful suggestion you've got there.
  14. You should continue with the rolls. If I'm not wrong, by the time you rolled 150 times you can unlock a guaranteed ingame SSR Meiya card. (Asked my friend to help translate the page and that's what he told me)
  15. That's probably the longest title I have seen for quite a while..... The success of this kickstarter does open up the opportunity for future localization, since Yoshimune Koki does hope to spread Muv-Luv to the west. That being said, this kickstarter already entails a lot of work for the team, considering they are releasing 4 full games (Muv-Luv, Muv-Luv Alternative, Photon Melodies and Photon Flower). So, they will probably consider those only after they're done with these games.