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  1. Revised Muv-Luv Alternative Introduction Lines

    Yeah, I know what you are getting at. Like I said, it's just my assumption on why the story doesn't use those at all. In real scenarios, it is critical to use the proper comms procedure since otherwise different teams won't know if they can speak yet if they are on the same net, as two teams trying to speak at the same time just generates white noise (due to the AJ or SCRAM settings, I think). I guess its just tedious to read the same copy and over in such fiction, which is why it's normally ignored. In this instance, since none of the other lines dubbed in Japanese includes them, I thought was better to keep it standard and not use them. And in terms of military knowledge, I guess I'm the local military expert, since I was a Sgt in a recce platoon back when I was in the army. I do reach out to other service branches if there's parts that I'm not clear about though. My little field manual does help a bit too.
  2. Revised Muv-Luv Alternative Introduction Lines

    Yup, it was something I'd thought about sometime back when I first started reading the muvluv series, but considering that it was originally meant to allow speakers to know when someone is done speaking and not step all over the comms net, I'd assumed that with video to see the lips and face and an advanced comms system that allows mutiple parties to speak at the same time with visual indicators on who is speaking, it was less important. Also, inserting the 'overs' and 'outs' in one part of the VN but not others would be odd. Thanks for your feedback though! Haha, yeah, that's why we are having alternative lines for review Thanks for the feedback!
  3. Atten-SHUN! - The military personnel thread

    Oh hey Ikagura, never knew you served lol! Hopefully national service personnel count here too. Singapore men are all required to serve two years full time and once a year for ten years after, and I'm kinda an odd duck since I've taken on both field and desk roles. Singapore Armed Forces (Reservist) Rank: 3rd Sgt Field role: Reconnaissance Specialist (Recce Scout) Additional roles: S3 Operations Sergeant, Armory Sergeant
  4. International Eishi Roster

    Gabgrave Singapore I'm the leader of Alternative Projects 3 years and much money collecting everything, but I work to support my love for this series anyway.
  5. How much did you guys pledge?

    Lol, yup, and good to see you again too. Yeah it's been like a dream come true to finally have this official localization, and for every single goal post for the KS to be met. Everyone really did their part!
  6. How much did you guys pledge?

    That would be me, comrade.