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  1. Awwwww shit, I'm even more excited for Alt now!
  2. 18+ Patch

    Your skill modifiers aren't nearly high enough even with the 20
  3. Schwarzesmarken

    New ep spoilers: Alt spoilers below:
  4. Schwarzesmarken

    I kinda like her so far, not sure how that'll change as things progress.
  5. Schwarzesmarken

    I thought it was an ok ep. The animation looks great, but I don't like any of the characters so far. Theodor is an ass, Katia comes off as incredibly naive, and I'm not inclined to like Beatrix at all
  6. Undertale

    So I wanted to mention an awesome RPG that came out on Steam about 2-3 months called Undertale. It's the story of a young kid that falls into a hole and ends up in the Underworld, where all sorts of monster species have been sealed since they lost a war against humanity a very long time ago. It's got some very unique battle mechanics, where your soul (represented by a red heart) is mobile inside a box and the various enemies you fight will send projectiles through the box when it's their turn, and you take damage if you hit them. Along with that there's the standard Attack command, an Act command that lets you see an enemy's stats along with several other important commands, Item which lets you use HP-recovering items, and Mercy, which lets you run from battle or win by letting your opponents live. The distinction between killing and sparing isn't just for show, it's Very Important. Along with that are some really excellent characters that are developed quite well, and some of the best music I've heard in a video game in a very long time. The graphics are deliberately reminiscent of some of the old SNES RPGS, but I never had a problem with them because how good the graphics are doesn't matter much if the rest of the game is good. It's only $10 on Steam, which I consider one hell of a deal for a game this excellent
  7. Spoiler Tag missing in the editing bar

    I recently noticed the same thing and would like to know if it's a bug or if I'm just missing something too.
  8. "That" Scene (Possible spoilers)

    Yea, it definitely needs to be uncensored for the full, horrific impact.
  9. Schwarzesmarken

    Yea, it should be fine. As far as I know the anime won't spoil anything from the main VNs.
  10. I didn't find it all that bittersweet personally. After all the pain, suffering, and death, Takeru and all the girls, including Yuuhi and Kasumi, get to live a peaceful life free of the BETA back in the Extra world. That's the best kind of happy ending IMO. Sure things are still going to be touch and go for awhile in the Unlimited/Alt universe, but thanks to the data from Ouka and Superior's death humanity has much greater chances of taking hives and rebuilding their world. It's a little sad that Takeru's completely forgotten in that world, sure, but the effects he had on that world live on.
  11. Fallout

    Yeeep, I made that topic.
  12. Favorite protagonist/antagonist team-ups

    For heroes, gotta go with the team my avatar leads: GGG, the Gutsy Geoid/Galactic Guard from GaoGaiGar . Every one of the members are unique and cool, and to a man/robot they'll never falter in protecting the Earth. The Shuffle Alliance from G Gundam is another excellent example. 5 Gundam Fighters from separate nations who start off competing against each other coming together as friends united against the threat of the Devil Gundam. The Straw Hat Crew from One Piece is as well. This isn't just a group of people allied for a common purpose, this is a Family, bound together by their Captain. if it means saving one of their own, they'll declare war on the world
  13. I'm going to wait until Alt comes out so I can play all three without any waiting.