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  1. Collector's Corner

    *Eye twitches rapidly*
  2. Huh.... didn't notice till now but I guess that means Captain Isumi has the same birthday as the UNITED STATES NAVY ~AMERICA!!!
  3. Collector's Corner

    How did you get FOUR sketches from Maxima in 2015?! I went every day and struggled to get just my one!
  4. Collector's Corner

    There were bedsheets that had Yuuhi and Meiya on them a loooooong time ago, but good luck finding them.
  5. AAAAND IT'S LIVE! Happy BETA hunting everyone!
  6. F-22 RAPTORS FTW! I'm ok with this.
  7. Collector's Corner

    @Retro(○□○)!( ꒪Д꒪)!!! Wow. That is seriously one insanely impressive collection. Gotta ask though, where'd you get the figure of Meiya that's between the two GSC ones and the Kotobukiya one? I don't think I've ever seen that one before. Was it a custom resin kit or something?
  8. Anime Expo 2016

    Nice job Disc! I originally got a NicoNico premium account to watch the time delayed version... NicoNico loads hella slow compared to youtube even on premium. Anyways, here's some of my AX picture albums for anyone that might be interested. They were all taken by a friend that was with me who had a far better camera rig than myself, I just did the half-assed batch editing and uploading afterwards. Regular totally-safe-for-work Album:http://imgur.com/a/o6DW6 The less-than-safe-for-work pics:http://imgur.com/a/9OAHH
  9. Anime Expo 2016

    "We can be like brothers and spend all our money in the same places!" Degica booth was my first stop even with my premiere fan hour early access. When I found out their credit card machine was down and it was cash only, I started to worry because I only had $400 in cash on me... ...but then I think it was worth it to see the cashier's reactions when after I stopped by the ATM they said "You're back for MORE!?". Most of the autograph lines were utterly insane with people sleeping out in the lines the night before... I'm impressed you managed to get so many.
  10. Anime Expo 2016

    Gohda Jouji,my favorite Age character. That would be a sight to see!
  11. Anime Expo 2016

    I know on Day 1 during the Q&A Kouki did a world map explanation of why Japan was still an Empire going back to WW2, and one of my friends in my group got to keep the world map sketch with all the silly scribbles all over it. Not entirely sure why, but people really seemed to love a picture someone took of me when I was texting a friend in my TSF cosplay. Also, thanks Dex for getting my sad attempt at Sumika's pose on camera: Nice to see someone else is a Zombina fan! Here's my loot pic (not all of it fit in here, but I got most of it I think...)
  12. Anime Expo 2016

    @OddballYukariThat is a GORGEOUS Valkyrie poster! Both sides are great, but I'd probably go with the side that doesn't have the gameplay screenshots if you intend to frame it and hang it up (which I would totally recommend). @DiscaliburTooootally gonna walk up to the booth and order one of everything. "What do you mean one of everything?" "EEEEEEEEEEEEVVVRRRYYYYYYTHHIIIIIINNNGGG!!!"
  13. Android version release

    Seconding the question of news around the android version, however also stating I realize it'll probably be significantly after the PC release.
  14. Collector's Corner

    Man, how'd you get the full size Photonflowers/melodies posters??
  15. Anime Expo 2016

    Woohoo! I'll be sure to be there!