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  1. Re:Creators

    I'm not sure I've seen anything confirmed, but this was what I think: That's kind of what I remember - its a little hard since everyone in that show references so many things at once that its hard to unpack....
  2. Anime Central 2018

    Man panels are weird 0.o Work's been totally killing me this year, so I've hardly planned or built anything. I'll probably miss Otakon just scheduling and budget -wise, but I should try to lock in a hotel for AWA in case I can make it there, so I'll keep you posted!
  3. Re:Creators

    So, I know it's from last year but I finally got around to finishing Re:Creators - and it's really good! Has anybody else seen this, now that it's no longer stuck behind the Anime Strike extra paywall? But also, I kind of want to talk about the many likely Muv-Luv references!
  4. Anime Central 2018

    Have a good panel! At least you won't be up against the hentai this time! Since my local con kind of became a bigger garbage fire, and it was fun before, I think we're gonna try to make it to ACen again next year
  5. Anime Expo 2017

    @invalidname No DM needed, you know I'm there for ya I can probably do Monday even, I'll see if I can set a flight out that's late enough. Unfortunately, its my first AX, too, so I don't really know the flow, either...
  6. Anime Expo 2017

    Sheeesh, that was a mess - hotel reserved! I'll see all of you at AX!
  7. Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha General Discussion

    Old thread, back from the dead! Anybody else see this? Amazon appears to have scooped up all 3 original Nanoha TV series, and is that a StrikerS dub that I see? 0.o
  8. Anime Central 2017

    I'm sorry! I had fun last year, but I can't make both ACen and AX ;( I fully expect to burn out on AX like I did for DragonCon and be back next year though
  9. Anime Expo 2017

    Yeah, I'm gonna try to nab my tickets on the sale, still wrangling for a hotel tho. I'm still trying to finish my 00 in time, but I'm very, very slow... I should at least have Takeru (Hakuryou uniform) & Yuuya (jacket ver.) costumes with me. Fingers crossed for Kiminozo news & staff return, I'm still bummed I missed this year (but ACen was fun!)
  10. Muv-Luv Alternative universe webgame

    Yep! There's a subreddit, a wiki, and another thread right here:
  11. Collector's Corner

    Yeah - Cospa is weird about their product releases. Sometimes its 3-4 back-to-back, sometimes they do one and that's it, sometimes they just reissue something out of the blue years later. Here you go: The A-01 set was, I believe, the only way to get one before Total Eclipse - It's got the wings, an ID card and the original 'VALKYLIES' patch. Good luck!
  12. Collector's Corner

    Hey @Nexiva- I checked AmiAmi & Otaku Republic too, but they're also out. For some reason, they sell out really fast. There's some A-01 sets on Yahoo auctions, but the sellers always want way too much for them. You might want to ask a place that takes requests like J-List or Otaku Republic if they can get their hands on another, or you may have to talk somebody here in to recasting one. I'll keep an eye out tho
  13. Muv-Luv Alternative: Tactics

    I've been looking for a decent Fort image for you and have had zero luck, either - sorry, that seems to be about it. I've got the F-15 E and ACTV and neither one seems to have anything under the skirt armor. The wiki says that the knee blocks act as storage pods for ammo or daggers, though. So far my only experience is with Wordpress - if you're trying to do a more serious page, that probably won't cut it. I'll ask around - I think I heard Bluehost was pretty good. Man, I wish there was any way to get my hands on any of the other scale BETA, I don't know why Volks never really released them...
  14. Muv-Luv Alternative: Tactics

    Nice! I've always liked event card wargames, I'm glad to see somebody giving it a shot! I posted some stuff I did for 1/144 based of 40k rules on the now-apparently-dead RPG thread, but you're welcome to use any of it you may like: That ran fairly well, though I did piggyback on two previous mods - I think you should have pretty good luck putting something together. Also, I'd probably leave off the laser fort too - like the Susanoo, it's a bit game-breaking at best
  15. Anime Central 2017

    Oof, fair enough - I'd kind of miss fighting the hentai panels if it moved It's unfortunately a trip either way for me, and I've got too many flights to make next year to probably get there. I really liked it, though I wish I'd managed to get a host hotel room. Worst case, I'd be happy to Skype/Discord/etc in for the panel if it'd be any help I'm just getting dead silence around here on running a panel, but I'll probably still try anyway - there's not enough fandom here to do much detail, so I think I'll be better suited tooling it to pull new fans in.