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  1. If isn't either extremely horrible or the best deliveredline in the gamewe riot.
  2. What is the name of that jacket that Meiya is wearing in pic related? I want 00 Unit Sumika wearing it in my shikishi!
  3. 300k $ surplus theories

    I mean they did say before the Kickstarter that KimiNozo would be a separate project if this went well, but I guess $300k could cut it worst case scenario
  4. 300k $ surplus theories

    OK forum goers I need a frame by frame analysis stat. edit: watched it twice, no idea.
  5. 300k $ surplus theories

    It seems like most of these ideas are for more merch for us, and while I'm not opposed, I think we need to focus our ideas on things to be translated. In that vein, I would like the Muv Luv Alternative manga serialized in English, but I have close to no idea how that process works and of course someone would actually need to publish it and I don't know how the backers could benefit from it (unless we were already subscribed to said manga publisher if it were online or in a mag,or had another $200 to spend on volumes) Of course KimiNozo is the most requested VN but I know that it might require *more*than $300k and its really stretching it More animated Muv Luv could be great as well.In this scenario I'd like more VN cut-scenes and maybe some refreshed OP animation in Extra/Unlimited,but I'm not sure how I would like anything of a lesser quality than Alternative's animation. How much do OVAs cost? I'm not up to date on them, but someside stories do seem interesting and I would like more of them in English, not necessarily in VN format. TDA and Chronicles are interesting and although I haven't heard many great things about it (probably due to the anime), TE could be cool.