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  1. Why does Unit 00 look like Sumika?

    Late reply, but Kasumi probably couldn't get a clear read from Sumika, her memories were all a mess and she was focused on Takeru and her hatred of the Beta. She may have been tasked with getting that information as well as communicating with her, but remember that in UnlimitedYuuko said that Takeru could help her with her work, that is because she realised he had stable memories and Kasumi could get a better read from him, it's highly likely she had Kasumi go do a read on him while he was being detained. In Alternative she looks at his files and decides there may be something to what he has to say and that he may be useful, but doesn't know what her other self was up to when it came to using Takeru, but Kasumi hadn't spoken with her or taken a reading of him at this point,so it's only later on after Kasumi goes and speaks to her that she decides to trust Takeru and seems oddly happy about it all. I think it might be worth noting that unlike in Unlimited he hadn't been thinking about Sumika or his world until he decided to visit Kasumi. But Kasumi in both is able to see Sumika from his memories and get a better picture of her from him, also she does say near the end of Alternative that a lot of the memories she picked up of Sumika she got from Takeru and she got happy memories from him of his time with Sumika, so his definitely were the clearest memories.
  2. I watched the Anime, which I found was good in places and okay in others but it caught my interest, I wanted to know more so I read up a bit on the games avoiding spoilers and was disappointed to find I couldn't get them officially while I searched a bit for them I couldn't find them at the time, years later I did find a site with the game which actually wasn't that long ago, but before I was getting round to downloading it and trying to make it work I saw the kickstarter, which I backed wholeheartedly as I just know I will love the VNs
  3. International Eishi Roster

    Fried United Kingdom To get Muv Luv officially and to say hell yes there is a market in the west for VN's and a whole other bunch of things (I also want more light novels and damnit I want the UK to wake up and release more anime here, we only get a fraction of what's released in the US) I've given up my wages and a bit extra, but hey it's worth it
  4. How much did you guys pledge?

    $1500, went for the kitchen sink, this probably will increase with backer kit