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  1. Muv-Luv Toy photos

    Celebrating the MiG-21 on the day(?) of its first flight.
  2. Muv-Luv Toy photos

    "Tonight, we ride."
  3. Muv-Luv Toy photos

    The big Laser-class came with Nendoroid Cryska. http://www.goodsmile.info/en/product/3913/Nendoroid+Cryska+Barchenowa.html
  4. Muv-Luv Toy photos

    Praise the Lase(r)!
  5. Muv-Luv Toy photos

    Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Rest assured I still think Tactical Surface Fighters are the liquid sex of mecha.
  6. Muv-Luv Toy photos

    But you are my Muv-luv senpai, Acroray(●´∀`●);
  7. Muv-Luv Toy photos

    Willie-boy also loves FREEDOM!
  8. Muv-Luv Toy photos

    That's good to hear! I don't get a lot of direct feedback, so it's nice to know I've got readers. Did you see when Amiami had Super Tomcats for about ten dollars? It seems like any of the Volks F-14s is super easy to get. Here's the pic I'm currently using for my account banner. It was my entry for GSC's Halloween contest. So spooky( ;´Д`)
  9. Muv-Luv Toy photos

    One of my favs from before I had a proper photography setup. From herehttp://www.collectiondx.com/toy_review/2013/yui_takamura
  10. Muv-Luv Toy photos

    A friend of mind helped me make a printable Sumika window. http://imgur.com/a/F0qCB/
  11. Muv-Luv Toy photos

    I just love FREEDOM!!
  12. Muv-Luv Toy photos

    Hello! I figured this forum needs a thread for Muv-luv toy pics, so here goes! My Volks A3 Su-37M2 Terminator. Some of you might have seen my reviews already, but I am a writer for CollectionDX. The TSF toys are what helped me get into Muv-luv, and I ended up tracking down a bunch of the toys so I could help create an English-language archive for all the different figures. You can find my stuff here:http://www.collectiondx.com/series/muvluv_alternative I'm super happy to see the KS be such a smashing success, and I hope it drives more interest in Muv-Luv merch! Now with introductions out of the way, let's all post our toy pics!