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  1. The muv-luv team I have a question when will the digital version of the muv-luv games come out for the vita plus when will we start getting the I stuff we pledged forĀ 

  2. question

    muv-luv team i have a question what size would the vita collectors edition boxset be because i want to make room for it on my shelf so i kinda need to know what stuff i have to move to make room for it
  3. Hi!

    ah yeah that is true also with me i am not doing so good my grandma went into the hospital last night and i had to stay till 1:30 am in the morning
  4. Question about priorities

    i am angry about the vita version being pushed back another three months and also about not knowing when i will get the physical but it is better than waiting two years like i have for a album from english beat which got pushed back again because of some asshat called ranking roger
  5. Is it too late?

    with me I just want the coat but I would pay for it just at the time I did not have the money to add it to my pledge when you could still add stuff to your pledge so I hope they have some of the coats left
  6. online radio stations

    I have a question what online radio stations do you guys listen to because I listen to krypton radio and split infinity radio and japanradio
  7. psvita

    ah yeah that counts I wished I had the money to do that but I only could do the ps vita version because I did the three hundred dollar tier which this game will be in a way the Christmas present I got from my mom because she passed away at the end of may slash beginning june because she gave me the money to backed the project last November just I wish she could of seen some of the stuff I got with the game
  8. psvita

    ah guys how many of you did the psvita version and the reason I am asking that is the version I picked
  9. cartoon visual novels

    I have a question for you guys what cartoons or tv shows would you want as a visual novel because with me it would be Ben 10 and thundercats and totally spies and code lyoko and with them I would want it to be a adults only visual novel and a all ages version also
  10. Release date locked down, yet?

    I have a question about the release date for the psvita digital version plus the physical version of the game is it still November for ps vita edition and the other question is when will we digital master collection sound track for the people backed that tier
  11. About Physical Rewards...

    I also have a question about the physical rewards this might sound strange how much is the box going weight for the 300 dollar pledge and is there a way to add extra insurance because I don't want the box to show up damaged and find most of the stuff broken
  12. How much did you guys pledge?

    Ah with me I pledge on the codex tier just man these past months there have been too many projects that I like