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  1. 300k $ surplus theories

    Y'know, I returned just to make that comment.
  2. I made a Tabletop Game, Anyone Want to Play?

    Looks nice. Almost too un-complex for my taste, but still a great job.
  3. [Pen&Paper/Storytelling] Save in the Name of True Love!

    So, since I already bothered crawling out of the abyss... I've tried it with Dark Heresy, nWoD/CoD, Mechwarrior, BESM and D20. They all work somehow, but I ain't satisfied. Then again, I wasn't able to invest as much time into it as I had planned to (you might have noticed me disappearing and such). I'll take a look at FATE and Apocalypse next. Guess those two are the last on the list, unless I have missed something.
  4. 300k $ surplus theories

    Or rather, you are my waifu.
  5. Any advice on starting with Visual Novels?

    What which would you enjoy more: 1) Spending a night at a five star hotel after spending one at a three star hotel or rather: 2) Spending a night at a three star hotel after spending one at a five star hotel Only your enjoyment of the second night (the one you are about to spend) is relevant.
  6. Any advice on starting with Visual Novels?

    A 7 still good. It is just not great.
  7. Any advice on starting with Visual Novels?

    Most important: don't start with something that has a really high rating. Taking something from the middle shelf, like a 7 or something. It's still good, but you won't set your expectations for further novels too high as you would if you started with a really great one.
  8. How would you feel about redrawn art?

    Well, he didn't knew the old Marimo.
  9. How would you feel about redrawn art?

    Interesting, how her breasts seem to shrink with every version... Also, anyone else noticed that Marimo's breasts seem to be larger in TDA, going by her sprite?
  10. How would you feel about redrawn art?

    I always feel like a lot of characters have way too similar faces in the newer artworks. Haruko ought to be re-drawn, sadly. This CG is just way too off. Why had this be done to her. ;__; If anyone wants to feast their eyes, TDA Walken below. And close-up Marimo, TDA.
  11. Fan-Games?

    The mystery of the missing shoe. (the one Takeru uses as a distraction in one of his time loops, if I remember correclty) Who destroyed the microwave. (if you've read AF) The tsukiji-conspiracy. Marimo's love life. Marimo's past. And more. I can provide a long supply of bullshit like this. I leave the scripting to PulakK.
  12. Fan-Games?

    People die if they are killed. Not our fandom, but it needs to be in. Fembro would make a great sidekick. Gumshoe would be replaced with Mr. Fedora.
  13. 300k $ surplus theories

    You forgot to mention german and stasi. Zis is important.
  14. 300k $ surplus theories

    Don't make me choose between Haruko or Beatrix. I'd have to kill you all.
  15. Fan-Games?

    Less over-the-top comedy. More slapstick comedy. More moe. And replace the female sidekick with Haruko.