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  1. I hope you enjoy it. Anyone else have pics/vids of their TSFs?
  2. As soon as I saw the size of the box, and because it feels like it's been forever since the campaign started,I made an unboxing video for my YouTube channel. Check it out if that's your thing, and I'll have another video of the Takemikazuchi build sometime next week probably. o7
  3. I chose the Android copy in backerkit way back but now I am getting a Vita and I would far prefer the Vita digital version. Is it locked down hard or is there still room to be changed since they are digital copies and it sounds like release is still a ways away for both?
  4. Didn't get key

    The thing is, I have the URL, but it's just a page saying to enter your email address and they'll send you your key. I'll try emailing degica, but I hope they don't just send me the link I've been using already...
  5. Didn't get key

    Same with me. Backerkit's also not taking my password and won't send me a forgot password link. Customer support here, under the Contact Us section: they're only operating M-F 10:30-5:30 so it might be a while...
  6. I'm really deep into Dark Souls right now, so I'm probably not going to really get into it until I'm done with that, but sat down to play for a few minutes just to check it out and ended up playing for 4 hours over 2 sessions. It hooked me right away. If you liked the Infinity series, it's exactly like those. Writing is pretty solid, and so far there haven't been any junk parts which Ever17 had alot of, but 4 hours is still early I guess. Plot and premise is interesting, as well as the choice gameplay mechanic.
  7. I know there were a couple of threads about other visual novels and other kickstarters that needed some help. Here's a little of both. I haven't playedRoot Doublemyself, but I remember reading about it a while back and backed it based solely on the name of the director,Takumi Nakazawa, who wrote and directed the Infinity series (Never 7, Ever17, Remember 11) and I/O. He's also associated with Koutarou Uchikoshi, who wrote parts of the Infinity series and the Zero Escape series (999, Virtues Last Reward, and the upcoming Zero Time Dilemma). All really good mindscrewy Sci-fi stories that play with the medium very well and would only work as visual novels. The kickstarter is doing okay but is still in the zone where it's a bit iffy. If you like any of the stories mentioned above, check it out. I've also heard it compared to Steins;Gate.
  8. Anime Central 2016

    Definitely do that. 2011 was the last year that I didn't do that and I was in line Thursday night from 4-11. Last year there was some mix-up with my group'spanelist badges and apparently it's linecon every year now. I think 2 years ago they hadVideo Game Orchestra. Really good singer. She drove me to replayMetal Gear Solid 3 and finishBastion.
  9. Anime Central 2016

    I'll be at Acen. Considering cosplaying my profile pic, but it depends on the weather. It was super hot in a trenchcoat last year (different costume). I'm that dedicated.
  10. From start to almost the end. Here's hoping some huge screw-up doesn't happen in the next 2 days.
  11. $40 (limited)/$50 Vita tiers now available. Who knows why they didn't do this before...
  12. 300k $ surplus theories

    Meaning it took forever and I wanted to move on. As in <10 minutes. And some are just pointless wacky hijinks. Some are definitely more worth it than others. I think it was Atonement that I really wish was part of the main game. Others were obviously not even canon.
  13. 300k $ surplus theories

    Decide when you finish ML Extra. you might be sick of that part, or you might be intrigued by something cool that happens at that part. Either way, that's a good time to read it and it really depends on your taste, your mood at the time,and how much of a completionist you are. I just took my time with Extra and didn't know anything about it going in, so I 100%ed it before triggering a thing.
  14. 300k $ surplus theories

    It doesn't really matter, but I'd start with the original trilogy because it is the only one that assumes you don't know what's going on and it has a lot of value based on that.Release order is usually best because it looks better as you go on instead of worse and if there's any references later on you won't miss them.Here's a tangled web of everything in the ML universe and their release dates.With everything above ML in the relationship chart, you're not missing anything exceptmaybeKimiNozo, and even then you just understand the background between a couple of secondary characters better. The anime's really worth watching for itself, though.
  15. Yeah, I feel like they picked a really bad time to do this. Kickstarters and VNs aside, there's a lot of regular games coming out soon too. If Fire Emblem Fates Special Edition preorders didn't get oversold and cancelled I wouldn't be able to do this.
  16. I know it's starting to get pretty far apart, but in my mind, $1=100 yen. Sorry for not googling the daily exchange rate. Yeah, that's lower than I expected. Still, compare it to our $30 for the PC version. We're outraged at $70 but it's not at all out of the question there.(Though I could be a tool and say that it's $99 for 2 copies)
  17. More people than would pay $225, I'd bet. It's still expensive, but it's actually standard pricing for a handheld game in Japan, believe it or not. And for a visual novel of this length, 10000 yen is kind of low. I'm definitely getting the impression that they Japanese side has a lot of control of this Kickstarter.
  18. According to Sekai, the use of Kickstarter rather than just releasing it using their own money is something forced by the Japanese side on this and previous projects. So a glorifiedpre-order campaign is pretty much literally all it is.
  19. Windows drivers are actually pretty solid. Most of the time it just works, as Apple likes to say. The problems come from separate companies that don't keep up their support or expect their hardware to work with generic drivers and so problems happen because they just don't care. If it doesn't work in Windows 10, it's because they need to make a driver for it, just like they made a driver for 8, and for 7, and for Vista (which actually deserves all the hate it got), and so on. Linux is free, and always has been. It's one of it's main attractions. the most popular version if you want to try the Live CD/USB version that you don't need to actually install. Oh, I forgot to post the biggest thing: Vita version confirmed!
  20. Actually, it's usually determined on which format is cheaper and which has more tapes/discs. And porn was exclusively VHS, so it won instantly. 20 years later,Blu-ray was way more expensive but Sony had it on PS3s, they had exclusivity deals with all kinds of companies, and it was impossible to find anything on HD-DVD even if you wanted it. Shortest format war ever. Which is why the massive addition of games over the past few years thanks largely to Steam is a step in the right direction. Most other programs have a free equivalent that can get the job done just as well if not better, leaving games as one of the sole categories of programs with no alternative. Music studio stuff and 3d modeling as well, but even those have some okay substitutes. Life Is Strange is a good example, even if it's in the first 15 minutes. Also any metroidvania-style game can have that. Especially when in the control settings it has buttons for things and when you finally get it you saw it coming.
  21. Linux is not as niche as you'd think in the past couple years (and I think VNs are rising as well, or maybe with all the kickstarters they're just getting more light).Especially with the number of games that have native versions, it's been picking up a lot of steam lately (no pun intended). On the plus side, I've found that visual novels are one of the most easily wine'd types of programs (though most of them were from the early '00s or doujin games), though I couldn't get Muv-Luv to work past the title screen. That game'sgot way too much going on. Some others like the When They Cry games and Tsukihime (idk about Fate/Stay Night) use onscripter which has a linux version but you have to drag and drop the files and do babby's first scripting. Honestly in an industry where 3000 sales is considered good, I can understand their reluctance in even trying to get source code for it,though I suspect in this situation there would be a higher than usual Linux base. Also, somehow I get the impression that Linux isn't popular in Japan, though I have no idea why I think that.
  22. I don't know about infodumping, but to me those were some of the best parts of those games. To each his own I guess.
  23. Looks like they're still working on getting Vita in after all: Kind of sad that I found out through this article three days later, and the article has about ten times the text Sekai did, which was basically "Vita maybe." I guess this is one of the reasons why people don't like them...
  24. I think that was one of the things that the ML team didn't really understand during our Kickstarter. We had so many addons and stretch goals that only went to upper tiers that it was clear they had this mindset. I've noticed it's more common with Japanese projects, so maybe it's a cultural thing. That's the best way to experience this genre, and I'm glad they've spoiler tagged it. I just wish Muv-Luv found a way to get around spoiling the best plot twistin the series right on the front page while still being able to draw in the mech/sci-fi crowd. As someone who went in knowing nothing about it other than it's really good, it's a completely different experience. His stories aren't formulaic, but they all have the same general feeling and many similar ideas. If you don't think you'll like it, thanks for backing, but don't waste your money. As far as the Grisaia thing goes, the whole 18+ thing nearly killed that project. For a bunch of dakimakuras... I think their real problem (aside from bad communication like you said) is that they're very overoptimistic with release dates. They said they wouldn't be able to do Linux without getting the game engine's source code, which is pretty much impossible.