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  1. Than new Isumi is delicious, but i'm not gonna rolla no-rate upgatcha.
  2. You might be right, but you can't stop the love for your waifu or a 8th gen TSF
  3. I got with 5 SSR ticket in a row 4 SSR Isumi some times ago. I'm salty because i really wanted that new SSR Meiya, but no rate up, without wasting big cash.
  4. Wasted 400 gems, only got 2 SSR that i already had. Event Speed type enemy tsf, you get pointslike the previous one, you get as rewardawakening materialsone SSR ticket, SSR Berkut and SSR YF-23
  5. The absolute mad man, too bad they didn't add rate up on g-ores gatcha.
  6. Someone managed to do the last mission? I deal no damage on that one.
  7. Nice, so it's worth farm a biteven for that SSR ticket.
  8. DMM points only Gatcha with shit girls. Nothing lost! I want an event that drop Silver badges for awakening, sucks farming them in multiplayer.
  9. What the hell is that? SPEED TSF? Seems like they forgot to add a new difficulty... In the new gatcha i like Yuuko art, but the Cui one look like shit.. not worth wasting any g-ores.
  10. At least you can farm the gems, and you get some good rates to get a SSR, F/GO is way worse in that terms.
  11. I hope they are going to add something else, i can't stand another week of only Inia drop.
  12. SM was a mistake. TE at least got some good doujin after is air.
  13. With the boost of Swimsuit Meiyai'm doing plenty of badges to be honest.