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  1. The Almighty SPAM TOPIC!

    Well to each their own~ Hm... mix of classic English dishes and a good portion of food taken adopted from other countries (and made British ) Hehem. Really though, not sure what you'd class as traditional [for lack of better term] cuisine here beyond our general propensity to have it with potatoes ^^; (not the deep-fried kind); supposedly we get through a lot of potatoes in a year.
  2. The Almighty SPAM TOPIC!

    Unless stew counts I've only ever known one person to literally boil meat ^^; (he did fry it once... by accident; the water boiled down). That's more Scottish than British (pretty tasty though).
  3. The Almighty SPAM TOPIC!

    Why does it often seem to be a recurring thing in anime/etc, that British food is terrible? ^^;
  4. 300k $ surplus theories

    That would be nice but... most of my available wall-space is taken already ^^; (mostly by windows and furniture TBH). Not saying no I don't want something like that, just it makes me a little sad to have to put nice artwork in the cupboard ^^;
  5. 300k $ surplus theories

    To be fair, is there anything left under the sun which hasn't been covered at some point? ^^;
  6. Could just be the photo; the colours look a little washed out on my screen (alebit that could be my screen, and f.Lux has sited the colour settings on account of it being dark).
  7. 300k $ surplus theories

    Hm... Android devices all are (presumably in this day and age) Wifi enabled, as with the Vita, and many/most devices nowadays have Bluetooth. Rather than use a dedicated server (which would need server costs, etc) wouldn't it be simpler having a way to sync data over a local Wifi/BT connection? Or was that the app you were talking about?
  8. 300k $ surplus theories

    I'm struggling a little as to why Japanese voice acting would be a barrier to entry in something you read. Do you mind shedding some light on it? I can understand with anime, not everyone wants to read subtitles all the time, but I'm drawing a blank here, sorry ^^;
  9. First ever physical... Kana Little Sister I believe (bought after an article on Katawa Shoujo from way back). Next would be Fault Milestone 1 (backer reward, but not touched yet), and then Clannad, whenever they start shipping out the physical rewards. Muv-Luv will be forth I reckon Buy most of my games digitally nowadays (for convenience of updates and the like), and the first one I mentioned is the only one that isn't related to Kickstarter ^^;
  10. Learning Japanese

    Well I guessed it would have it's problems given the normal gender ratio of anime I've seen anyway but never thought it'd be quite that much of a minefield. Plus when your only knowledge of male/female word usage differences doesn't extend far beyond boku/atashi things would get... interesting. And yeah, 'verbal ticks' in anime can get ludicrous when you consider they must have made a concious effort to do it at some point.
  11. Halo (may have SPOILERS)

    Best explanation I came up with was to encourage [force] players to get the Xbox 1 if they want to play it. I still think they're shooting themselves in the foot with a rocket launcher on that one though. Though that said the Master Chief collection was released somewhat recently, and it took a few years for GTA V to come to PC... (if we try for optimism here). To be fair though, porting isn't exactly a simple or cheap thing to do, but I'd still expect them to turn a profit if they did it.
  12. Harmonia, new VN by Key

    I didn't know it would be out in English nearly so soon ^^;
  13. Halo (may have SPOILERS)

    I'm just peeved that they still refuse to port any to the PC since Halo 2 ^^;
  14. Learning Japanese

    @Anix Glad I was on a good track with learning the characters even though my knowledge of the language itself is very sparse. At the very least I can read and remember most Hirigana, but Katakana and Kanji have yet to go anywhere... ^^; ...partly for being in a similar boat to Reizei; after a 9+ hour work day on Mon-Thu or a long train journey on Friday, last thing I want to think about is learning a language. Sure I've got the train to do things with, but my current physical learning materials is a book mostly aimed at tourists; it has it's uses, but actual characters or explanation as to why some things are what they are is virtually non-existent. Well it's a start anyway. ...re-reading that sounds like I'm making a lot of excuses. Well probably can't deny that the thought has crossed my mind already. Oh... what do you all make of one method I came across a while back: watch an anime episode, then rewatch it without the subs (or they even mentioned just listening to the episode over and over).
  15. 300k $ surplus theories

    Agreed, it might be nice if whatever the money is spent on is for everyone, not just those with physical tiers. Hence if the goods were physical you might not have that much of a budget to work with if you're sending them to every backer; so... bookmarks and keyrings, Or is that going a little overboard on keeping it simple? I guess the limitations on digital content would be ensure it's not interfering with the work already ongoing/to come, but ~300k worth of digital content? What on earth would you be spending that on? Or is the idea more media which is physical on certain tiers, but digital for others? And yeah... I'm probably going to weep when I (most likely) get a customs charge notification next year ^^; £60 is my current er... 'record' and I expect it will be much higher than that. Sorry, this post is kind of a mess...