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  1. Besides, you as developer/company gets a share for every transaction made for any card or emote or profile purchase done in the steam market place. Its a 3-5% each transaction, so I don't see a lose for you to implement other than just financially win for you and win for fans and collectors of this game on steam.
  2. How did you first get into Muv-Luv?

    funny thing i got into muv luv after i saw the trading cards in someone's inventory in steam (the moment it went non trade-able already) and I was not aware that the new version on steam didn't include so i bought it
  3. there is a reason... people can craft boosters, and I am also one of the persons who wants to buy the old version just to craft boosters so I can get the cards, unless the trading cards gets introduced back in the new version. Is there by the way a reason why the cards have not been reintroduced along with the new version? like what is holding this back? (some say certain steam requirement, but no one knows except the devs and steam for sure)