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  1. Nice work@haloff1, especially since you're taking the time to do this translation,but I hope you don't mind if I point outsome minor corrections.
  2. Dropping back in, current event is for SR Stella. The last 2 questsuse your whole squad at once (you only control lead; the rest follow you around and attack/use skills on their own), so don't make them complete leeches unless your lead can handle everything. In case anyone's still trying to exchange points from the last event, you can access it through the shop (menu button on top right, top of the list, rightmost tab) As far as the main story goes, the protagonist and Minori also traveledbackwards in time (2016to 2001), which is why Tama is a legend of the club. IIRC, they also recognize Meiya(or her name?) fromTV so they ask about her family, which she misinterprets for obvious reasons.
  3. The only issue with the missile spam is if you can't keep the chain up for some reason. The normal missile attack animation takes too long, so they area bad match against strong melee enemies like the Meiya event boss. It gets really bad if you end up with nothing on your team doing more than 1 dmg, since you can't recharge your skills at all. The buildings are roughly: Middle (building) - acts as a lvl cap for the other buildings. top right (G symbol)- generates gold, which you need to click on to collect top (energy blast with a ring)- reduces skill cooldown by some %(time for CP skill, amount of dmg for pilots) left (shield)- boosts def in battle by some % bottom (crossed swords)- boosts atk in battle by some % bottom right (heart) - boosts HP in battle by some % As far as I can tell, the % are the same as the building level, but in any case you can see the percent if you click on the relevant building.
  4. Skills are definitely on the character, not TSF. You need to use the one that levels up the character(2nd tab from left), not the one that increases the cap. To get back to the stamps, the bottom right on the pink sheet definitely unlocks when you've claimed every other stamp on both sheets. New event mission seems like it has decent drop rate, 4/9Minori so far. I'd recommend farming it if you can. Lot of (human)tanks spawn after the second boss though, so something to watch out for. Another random piece of advice: lasers show up on the minimap as triangles pointing in the direction they are facing, so use that to watch out for any off-screen beams of death.
  5. The latest maintenance notes (started 9/26 14:00 Japan Time) mentions that the mission to "clear all missions" failing to clear has been fixed, so I don't know. Did you get the other two missions (left and bottom left) on the pink sheet cleared? When I said other stamps, I meant all 17 others, not just the orangesheet.Otherwise, the only other mention of missions in game that I can find is the clipboard at the top, and I doubt those are what it's referring to, since the sheets aremeant to be beginner missions that can be cleared pretty easily.
  6. Pretty surethe missions refers to the other stamps,meaningyou need to clear all the other ones to get it. Notice how the text in yellow matches the text at the top. I started with 2 copies of Minori through the pre-reg gacha, and I picked up a couple through the event. Also, what browsers are you guys using to play? I'm using chrome but it's been buggy as hell, with recentout-of-memory crashes for the storiesand various other issues (For instance, the 325 stamina that I don't actually have, which leads to an error if I try to start a quest). I know they recommend firefox, but I'm curious if it's actually any better.
  7. Mine's 25723734. Another note: the daily missions are to use the second and fourth tabs for characters and TSFs. In other words, level up a character with either another character or an item, sell a character, and then do the same with TSFs. You should be able to get fodder to sell through the normal gacha.
  8. Various things to note: In both the character and TSF pages, there are 4 tabs. The first one lets you lock certain characters/TSF so you don't accidentally sell or fuse them. The second lets you choose a base character/TSF, then up to 10 fodder units to level it up. You also have the option of using exp items instead, if you hit the button that says アイテム.The third lets you combine the same character/TSF to increase the lvl, heart, and skill lvl limits. There doesn't seem to be a downside to increasing limits as soon as possible, as the only thing that changes is the max limits.The fourth lets you sell off characters/TSF for gold. The white icon in the middle of the home page takes you to your headquarters, where you can upgrade 6 buildings. The one in the middle sets the level cap that the others can reach (the max level of the others is the level of the middle building +1), but also takes noticeably longer to upgrade. The one in the top right generates gold, so if you see a gold bubble then click on it to grab that. The other 4have benefits for stats and skills, you can probably figure it out by hovering over them. Pay attention to the weapon that your TSF uses: sword or shield are melee, missile is a slow ranged attack with a circular AOE, the rifle is a little faster anda linear AOE. I haven't tried the machine gun yet, but I assume it would be as expected.If the mission is to break those things that only require one hit, switching to melee is better, since the attack animation is a lot faster. If there are lasers around, melee is also better since its easier to hit and run. Lasers can shoot through obstacles from off screen so watch out for them. The only thing that matters for getting an A or S rank is the time taken to finish, so you don't need to kill every last enemy if that's not the goal of the mission. Got an SSR Miki from a 50 crystal pull.
  9. I'm dyin' here...

    Having multiple translators is kinda like having multiple writers; each one is going to have his/her own style, and unless there's a good editor and some discussion beforehand, it can get really disjointed. Deciding what terms need to be translated andwhat Japanese terms should be kept, how jokes and puns should be rewritten, there are many aspects that vary from one translator to another. At the very least, I'd leave one person as the main decision-maker for any potential conflicts (or get a good editor with this power), with some veto power to the others if the rest believe strongly in another direction, but that can also get ugly if egos get involved. Adding translators willy-nilly is a risk I don't think is worth taking.
  10. The worst prize isgacha points, presumably once the game actually starts. It says that 200pts are 1 spin, so its essentially carrying over bad spins here for one more gacha spin later. There's also a note by the 4th place prize that 50 of those premium gems is a 10+1 spin on the rare gacha. And I haven't really looked, but if the game has card evolve mechanics for combining the same card together, then you're probably in a really good spot with that.
  11. Steam Achievement

    She's definitely not a MILF, but I don't think she's old enough to be a cougar either. I like @rlranft's idea.
  12. Muv-Luv Feedback

    And in the original language(Japanese), Takeru is using anotherlanguage(English)for emphasis. If the Japanese is translated to English, it's weird to leave the English as English and removetheemphasis. If the text as a wholewere translated into some other language, or Takeru had used a word from somelanguage besides English, then it would be fine to keep it the same, since the emphasis wouldstill be there. While this doesn't apply in this instance,there are also plenty of instances where Japaneseuses an English loanword, but it has a completely different meaning.Just because you hear something that sounds English, doesn't mean that's what they're actually trying to say.I'd rather they translate the intent of the word choice, rather than be strict to what the voice may say. There is a way of keeping the English word in place while keeping the emphasis, which I've seen in other translations (Umineko comes to mind). Use something like angled brackets (ie. <delicious>) to keep the word as is, while also showing that his word choice is unusual. There might need to be a note somewhere to indicate why that word is emphasized. This is the best wayif there is an actual reason why it needs to be in English (some sort of wordplay, a plot-relevant clue, part of a character's background, etc.) I don't think there's any special meaning beyond emphasis for Takeru's"delicious," so I don't get why it matters that much that the translation strictly follows the script,as long as the intent gets across.
  13. Muv-Luv Feedback

    The point is he's using another language to emphasize his remark; his use of English hereis unnatural in most contexts.Obviously, when translating a mostly Japanese script toEnglish, keeping an English word in English would remove that emphasis, so they used another language. It's like how English dubs tend to turn Kansai-ben to a southern or Texan accent; there's meaning to an accent that a strict translation doesn't provide, and the most reasonable thing to do is to use some other language. Just as English is the most common secondary language in Japan,French is probably the most common secondary language for English speakers.
  14. Muv-Luv Feedback

    Sure, aJapanese person would understand what Takeru's saying, but it doesn't mean that he isn't trying to speak English.Loanwords are typically those that are used because Japanese doesn't really have its ownequivalent, like hamburger (ハンバーガー)or lacrosse (ラクロス). The way he's using delicious (デリシャス)here is gratuitous and unneccesary, like if someonedecided to sprinkle "kawaii" or other Japanese words into their otherwise non-Japanese speech/writing.
  15. Muv-Luv Feedback

    Re: the crane game While some have the joystick that you use to control the crane, there are also some with two buttons instead. In that case, the crane will start over the drop chute at the corner. Holding downthe first button moves the crane left or right, depending on which side the chute is located. It only moves in one direction, so you don't get a chance to correct if you go too far. Once you let go of that button, holding down the other button moves the crane backwards/away from the player. That also only goes one direction. Once you let go of that button, the crane drops. The motion of the crane could also be automatic, where pushing the first button stops the sideways motion and starts the backwards motion, while the second button drops the crane. As far as the line goes, it does seem like one button somehow controls for two directions, when it can really only go in one direction in this kind ofsetup.
  16. Muv-Luv Feedback

    That one's probably a translation choice. I'd need to check the Japanese script for that scene, but assuming it's "首を突っ込んで,"the literal Japanese translationwould beto "stick your neck in," with themeaning of interfering/prying unnecessarily. The line works for me as it stands, though that might be because I have a decent grasp of Japanese idioms and that's how I'd personally translate it in my head.
  17. Muv-Luv Feedback

    There was supposed to be a beta available for backers before public release, but I think their original schedule was too optimistic and they never got to that point. While egregious typos can be an issue, I think it's probably a better business decisionnot to delay a release for minor issues. Maybe they'll have enough time before Alt's release date for beta testing, but I probably wouldn't count on it.
  18. 18+ Patch

    This is more of a general note, since I don't know the specifics here, but there could be more to an uncensor than just removing the mosaic. There are some artists who will half-ass any part of the CG that will end up censored, since extra effort isn't going to do them any good and they'd prefer to save that time for something more productive. (To be clear, I'm not blaming any who do so, just saying it's happened before)For example, the male bits could end up as not much more than literally a rod with a tip,which would have to be redrawn.
  19. Pillow cover

    They mentioned something about an online store for any extra stock at the end, so I imagine that hoping for some leftovers of whichever character you wantand snatching it up there is your best shot. Wouldn't surprise me if theysell out the dakis (if any) left over, and after that, I wouldn't count on a new release. Some might end up on resale, but the prices on those would likely be even higher.
  20. Damn, never managed to get an SSR before the drops changed. Part of me wants to keep that Tsukuyomi over the SRs, her IRG suit looks so much better than the UN version.
  21. Muv-Luv Feedback

    Haven't gotten back to this scene yet, but IIRC, those lines do belong to the idiots. Weren't they pantomiming him eating or something? Unlimited does need some kind of warning for those who might flip the order without intent. I personally like this suggestion by @Jawer. As far as whether it's possible to enter thisfranchisew/o spoilers, I managed to go in ~2 years agoonly knowing that some sci-fi was involved later. (As an aside, I'd also heard Extra was terrible, but I actually didn't mind it.)I'd read a number of VNs beforehand, but I also explicitly avoid places that go overboard with memes or infested with trolls who like to spoil. I even managed to watch the original Evangelion for the first time earlier this year having never been spoiled(though I've obviously seen images of the characters),and that series is older and even more well known. I'm sure many in the VN community like to interact with one another, but I can't be the only one who remained at the fringes, only hearing things at the level of "X, Y, and Z are really great, and should be on your list." Even if the proportion of those who haven't been spoiled is small, it's still worth it to give them that opportunity to go in blind while still reading the parts in their proper order.
  22. Changes to OST / Music licensing problems

    I'm not sure why you would assume they didn't. I'd imagine one of the first parts of licensing would be to go through the list, see who they would need to contact for licenses, then go contact them. Then if anything seems likely for infringement, go contact additional parties as needed, and hopefully hammer out a deal. The only reasons not to reach out would be because it's blatantly infringement, and you're just hoping to sneak under the radar, or you're already in the gray area, so what's one more risk. Since the song is cut, to me that implies that they already know it's not worth including.If the "RISK and FEAR of lawsuit" is why they cut the song, that probably means they reached out, got a negative response, and decided the costs outweighed the benefits. The only thing I could reasonablyfault Degicafor is not saying something beforehand in one of their updates that "XYZ have been changed for ABC reasons," for the express purpose of dealing with these kinds of complaints earlier. Again, I don't understand why you wouldassume they didn't. I generally assume companies w/o a track record of incompetence are, in fact, competent. There are many examples of outrage from "they changed it, now it sucks."I doubt they would willingly piss off the old fansby removing a(n obviously memorable) song for no logicalreason. Are you asking them for a breakdown on what a potential deal would cost? Make a yes/no twitter poll for "We want to include X, but it would cost Y to get the proper deals in place. Is it worth it?" If there are business reasons behind a decision, I'm not gonna get up in arms for every little change. Especially for a song that's obviously at risk of a lawsuit. Be honest, man. If they get to 3, then there's always going to be someone who says "the replacement is awful, gimme back the old song NOW." Too many hardliners who think everything has to be exactly as it was on their first experience. Maybe you specifically would be fine in step 4 with some decision besides (1), but there's a vocal crowd who will protest any decision besides (1) that always seem to pop up, regardless of the feasibility of that choice. Since the song was cut, it was likely: 1) too expensive or too difficult to work out a deal. 2) It's a very fitting song, yes, but I'd wager that much of the importance of the song was based on its resemblance to a certain other song, which is kinda the issue in the first place. 3) Regardless of how replaceable the song is, a deal won't be made, so we gotta figure something out. *Prepare for all the whining* 4) License too expensive/hard, we think these aresuitable replacements, but people are going to complain anyway.
  23. Changed ost

    From what I've listened to, the new script is more faithful to the original Japanese script; it's more likely the "original experience" of the fan translation actually sticks less to the original Japaneseexperience than the Steam version does. Just because your first experience with the script may have been the fan translation, doesn't mean it's actually the way it's supposed to be, even though for many people their first experience with a story is what they'll always consider "right.". As someone who mostly understands spoken Japanese (never quite put in enough time for kanji, so my reading level isn't as good), I can say that the old script did have a number of points where I found the translation a bit off. I haven't gotten around to Ayamine's route yet, but what I've gone through so far does seem more in line with what the characters are saying.
  24. Steam Release Muv Luv Wallpaper Pack

    Right click on Muv-luv in Steam, go to Properties, Local Files tab, Browse Local Files. That takes you to the file where the game is downloaded on your computer, where there's a Wallpapers folder.