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  1. goodies

    They sent them out last year. You had two choices; receive it early or wait until they send out the rewards. However, there was a cut-off date for the early delivery ( around February or march). Best bet is to email the Muv-luv team. You won't receive the Gift bag( will come when they ship the main bulk of the rewards) but better safe than sorry!
  2. No chance unfortunately. Way too late There might be a leftover's store once they have sent out the rewards to backers ( Whenever that is...)
  3. The backerkits are locked( forever). To be perfectly honest, changing a digital copyfrom phone to Vita would be possible. Altering the original pledge is most likely beyond them, but swapping codes. That may happen after release though, not beforehand. I suggest contacting them on twitter regarding your request, message if possible.
  4. Dies irae VN Kickstarter

    I'm surprised the campaign went over 100k. The PR has been absolutely abysmal, as well as the general layout of the KS. The higher tiers are not worth and 3 updates since the start ( No Daki's, Tapestries etc). The translators themselves seem to be doing a better job of promoting the KS. The stretch goals.... meh With many successful KS's for Visual novels, i was expecting the peeps behind it to message others for advice. Meh, i thought this looked pretty good before the campaign started! ^^
  5. early-mid 2017 is the estimated time frame for all Physical goods. If i am correct, they will start porting after Alternatives release . Your best bet for the latest info is twitter ( and KS updates whenever they release them). "PSVita port will be a priority after Muv-Luv Alternative's release." From Muv-luv twitter Alternative is slated for early 2017 ( PC).
  6. So am I SOL or.....

    Unfortunately no. They closed surveys earlier this year( Assuming you want Physical ). If you want it digitally, later next year they may open pre-purchases from the Vita Store. Degica hinted a leftovers store for Physical goods ( limited quantity) sometime after all the rewards have been shipped to backers.
  7. Is it too late?

    No. This kickstarter was for the trilogy( and various limited editionmerchandise), which reached the stretch goals for Photon Melodies/Flowers. As we over-achieved our goal by a substantial amount, they used the remainingfunds to translate the Demo of Schwarzesmarken, as well asTeito Moyu sidestory. The release date of Alternative is sometime around winter 2016-2017 ( From now until March 2017). A long wait either way
  8. Muv-Luv Feedback

    An update of sorts. Good to know they are still working on the bugs...
  9. Schwarzesmarken VN

    If i remember correctly. They plan to translate the Demo ofSchwarzesmarken.However,i assume it will be after the release of Photon Melodies/flowers. The same can be said withTeito Moyu sidestory.
  10. In short, no. At least in the way you're thinking. It was suggested that they will have one, but the " store " will only consist of leftovers after they have sent out the Physical rewards. On the topic of models. It depends which models you want. If you want ones from the Muv-luv, ebay is your best bet. However, if you want ones from series such as Total eclipse orSchwarzesmarken you're best to check sites such as; Hobby japan, tokyo-otaku mode or Japan cool (UK).
  11. Physical Rewards ship date?

    The latest update stated they will try to ship them out next winter. This is where all the confusion occurred. In short; December 2016-march 2017
  12. Muv-Luv Feedback

    The consensus among fans( during and after KS)with regards to openings was most wanted the PS3 version.
  13. Question on Digital Rewards

    To my knowledge, steam only. Your secondoption was to buy the Physical edition of the game( DRM free).
  14. Everyone's signature is personal. Be it a quote or picture On the topic of yours. A ratherhumorous one if i may say. I can see why it has stuck with you for such a length of time. I quite like it! Also, i wouldn't worry about going off topic. Conversations or whatnot are boring if you only discuss one subject!
  15. Thanks!Carnival Phantasm( and Saber for that matter) is hilarious. On the topic of signatures: Account settings and signature. The difficulty is finding a picture to fit