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  1. Rewards being sent?

    Now I can't change it because it went trough customs. I willget it probably today or monday. 300 PLN ~ 80 USD. Sure I could staywith the amount from invoice but I dont wanna risk a criminal case over aweebmerchandise. Now the whole case is dead. I willneed to pay it.
  2. Rewards being sent?

    They presented me the ław upon whichthey based their opinion. It is article 70, paragraph 1 and 2 ofthe Union Customs Code. Anyway I had to change the declaration to full price that is 320 USD.
  3. Rewards being sent?

    Great. Now DHL suggests that digital should be taking into account. It appears they want to use that 300 or 300 plus shopping amount:
  4. Rewards being sent?

    BackerKit for physical items = 130 USD Invoice = 142 USD The difference is due the decal (10 USD) and stickers (2 USD) which are listed withouth any value because as you said "There are also physical rewards that's supposed to be combined with another item".
  5. Rewards being sent?

    But what about the gift bag? It is listed as 15 usd but in this post it is listed as 16,5 usd.
  6. Rewards being sent?

    Not for everything.