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  1. TSF sketch finalizing

    Some of you here probably know me from the "help for a writer" post. In my reply to that post, I mention that the author decided to have TSFs based on aircraft from the ace combat series. And that he wanted designs for them. Well, I decided to take a stab at it and made rough sketches for them as well as made sketches for some of the weapons. I just need someone to finalize them and have the TSFs have the same color pattern as the aircraft there based on. Here's a link to my deviant art gallery that has the sketches in it. Keep in mind that these are very rough sketches and that this is my first time drawing something of this scale. So forgive me if the proportions aren't completely accurate. Any help with this is greatly appreciated. Thank you. Edit: Perhaps it's a better idea if I post the sketches here rather then post a link to them. So here they are from top to bottom. CFA-44 Nosferatu, ASF-X Shinden II, XFA-33 Fenrir, ADFX-02 Morgan, AE-02 Laser MG02, and the EUF-9 Laser Axe and EUF-10 Laser Greatsword.
  2. Help for a writer

    Got word from the author. He has decided to scrap the Alterion TSF idea. And has instead come up with four TSF's based on aircraft from the ace combat series. Much like with the first idea. He would like someone to either design/make these TSF's or find someone who can. Any help in this manner will be great. Since the author is having trouble signing in on here. I'll be posting what he has come up with. Here is the list of the mechs and what they have. CFA-44 Nosferatu Generation: 4th Role: Heavy close-combat fighter Height: 19.5m Engine: AS2000-NV-1A Armaments: Laser Blade motor, A-97 Assault cannon/AE-02 Laser MG02 Mount Pylon:Б-87 ASF-X Shinden II Generation: 4th Role: High-Performance Close-quarters Anti-BETA Fighter Height: 19.4m Engine: AS2000-NV-1A Armaments: Retractable Laser Sword, Type-87 Assault cannon/AE-02 Laser MG02, Type-02 Laser Sword Mount Pylon: Type-74 XFA-33 Fenrir Generation: 4th Role: All-Purpose/Lightweight Fighter Height: 19.6m Engine: AS2000-NV-1A Armaments: AMWS-21 Combat System/AE-02 Laser MG02, NVCW-1A Laser Dagger Mount Pylon: American Mount Pylon ADFX-02 Morgan Generation: 4th Role: Multipurpose Combat Height: 19.6m Engine: AS2000-NV-1A Armaments: MK.57 Squad support gun/AE-02 Laser MG02, EUF-9 Laser Axe/EUF-10 Laser Greatsword Mount Pylon: FN94 And here is an explanation of some of the information from the Author himself. AS2000-NV-1A: G-Element filled engine designed for increase boost in Jump units. AE-02 Laser MG02: A Laser machine gun resembling the M249 special purpose weapon. The lasers are a greenish yellow. Type-02 Laser sword: A sword stored in the kneecaps like the Kagerou, with only a Broadsword-like hilt used to activate it ala how a beam saber lights up. Laser Blade motor: Spins to form a laser on both sides. Like a lit up chainsaw. Retractable Laser sword: Take the laser sword from Valger-on, and put it on both arms. NVCW-1A Laser Dagger: Basically the Dagger, but with a laser instead of a blade. EUF-9 Laser Axe/EUF-10 Laser Greatsword: And I'm pretty sure the Axe and Greatsword are self-explanatory. Just more dangerous versions of themselves.
  3. Help for a writer

    Not sure if this is the right place to post on the forums as I'm new here. If it isn't let me know andI'll see if I can move it. A fan fiction user by the name hartman762 is writing a muv luv fanfic and in the latest chapter, he made. He asked for help with some things. The first one was a full timeline of the events in total eclipse resurrection and the day after. The second one is help with contacting a mech designer on deviant art who at least knows about the TSF's. Since he has an alien race in the fic (think gamilans from Space Battleship Yamato) and want's a design for their version of the TSF. Any help with this will be greatly appreciated. And here's a link to his fic if you want to see it for yourself.