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  1. [Old] Muv-Luv Alternative Strike Frontier

    Well, it went pretty great! Got my waifu and based Cryska. Sadly no Meiya or Sumika but its ok.
  2. Im really interested in this project. I hope we get some videos from the showcase.
  3. Will Muv Luv Be Your First Physical VN?

    First physical VN, fourth digital (i already own Eden*, Planetarian and Higurashi).
  4. Is Muv-Luv Your Favorite Visual Novel?

    For me its: 1.- Muv-Luv 2.- Little Busters! (looking forward the localization) 3.- Tie between Steins;Gate and Fate/Stay night
  5. Kickstarter's End Celebration

    It's time!
  6. How much did you guys pledge?

    Started with $150, increased to $220 later. Dat CODEX.
  7. How did you first get into Muv-Luv?

    I read about it on /m/, got hooked by the Opening (thanks, JAM Project). Muv-Luv was my first VN.
  8. International Eishi Roster

    Il Signor Diablo Northen Italy Division, but born in Ecuador. I gave up all i could afford right now, as this campaign is something i dreamed of since i read the trilogy years ago.
  9. Muv-Luv Fanart Doodles

    Here's a paper Beta i made some time ago:
  10. A new âge is upon us.

    listen to me.jpg