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  1. If you ever payed attention to MLA when the RLF attacked, they took advantage of the SLAVE mode TSFs are equiped with. As TSFs are advanced, you won't see that software in Shwarzesmarken due to the fact that computer technology was still under development, and TSFs were really the only units with highly advanced computer systems. However, other computers were not advanced enough to code with. Not only that, but this was also before they had the training simulators. In MLA, where wireless communication was more possible, software and computer technology is more advanced. There is a drastic difference between the Mig-31s and the Su-37s and Fubukis we are familiar with. Even the Shirinui was by far more advanced. The SLAVE Mode could be achieved via a near by TSF (as they are loosely based on modern jets, you can compare communication range ability) that is being controlled by a pilot, or a control room. First, this requires pilot data, which wouldn't of been recorded until the 2nd generation TSFs. Third, if you payed attended, drones were in use in MLA seen during an exercise testing the Type 00, a third generation TSF. The RLF showed the SLAVE mode existed, however it has a fatal flaw. Heavy metal clouds cut communications, and the computer can only handle basic maneuvers. SLAVE mode isn't operated through the JIVES system, which requires a larger computer to relay simulation data. And as their computer Development isn't as advanced as ours due to resource strain, research is being put where it's more important. The fight with the RLF proved that a pilot, or flight of pilots out classes the SLAVE system. A single trained veteran Pilot is the same as a squadron of Mechanized infantry. A flight can replace a battalion. In fact, Zar Battalion lacks 800 soldiers, the average number of a battalion in our military today, which tells you a pilot has more worth. TSFs have to operate in three dimensions, and most computers work better with only two. Yes, graphic software for them is by far more advanced, but then again, simulations became a highly valuable training tool. TSFs can be remotely controlled, but the trade off of cost is far now than it is to train the same number of pilots over unit, and in the case of the Soviets with their Su-37UB, two pilots per unit.