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  1. The event is just a fun poke at Girls und Panzer I really enjoyed it.
  2. First bit of news from today's maintenance. They're adjusting gacha percentages. ・SSR:1.5%→2%・SR:10%→15%・HR:45%→43%・R:43.5%→40% The day starts well
  3. Looks like the free characters promised for linking to the iOS/Android versions are gonna be distributed on the 6th of April.
  4. I think you need a Japanese itunes account.
  5. The end of what we saw is most definitely a tease of something else to come.
  6. Random question: did anyone manage to receive the bonus pilots promised for the pre-registration of the google play/iOS version?
  7. Unfortunately I just noticed that the boss rush part is time limited. Today is the last chance for it between 1 PM and 7 PM Japan time.
  8. set your time zone at GMT+1 and restart the client when you run out of stamina
  9. I like the fact that they're trying to mix up events a bit. As a bonus, I just noticed that it seems to be dropping a lot of 50% skillups. Which is VERY good for me. Getting 1-2 a mission.
  10. Wow, they just implemented something really new. Basically, it's a survival mode with only boss-like enemies each of which drops a gold crate of glasses. I don't think it has a end, they just keep coming until time runs out. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to have rainbow drops, but it made me 50,000 glasses in one go.
  11. I have about 40,000 Megane for now. The pilot came on the second attempt, the TFS after 15 or so. Running 3 bonus pilots and 2 TFS.
  12. Sorry, but this is incorrect. Rainbow boxes exist both for the pilot and the TFS. I already dropped one each.
  13. Collector's Corner

    Finally found this in Nakano Broadway
  14. Isn't muv luv altered fable basically extra's sequel?