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  1. Muv-Luv Feedback

    While something that âge/ixtl might want to look into, I've just used a presenter with applicable buttons whenever I don't want to use the keyboard. I can just sit back and use that. Works well whenever you want to have your hands off in other situations as well.
  2. I would hope I were to be criticised and corrected on a misspelling, especially if i were making it constantly. Whether or not it was unfair weight nil on my scales.
  3. I have a disposition for slight dyslexia as well, so I feel for you bro. One could argue that it should be all caps too, but that'd be just silly. Which most likely stems from English fandom that misspells it here and there. It's a bit like how comic fans tend to misspell Spider-Man on an occasion, or how Mega Man has so many variations because not even CoA could remember to double check how it went. But this is completely off the topic from my end.
  4. Don't take it as a nitpick, it's a consistent misspelling on his part. Not a small typo. Then again, I am a prick when it comes to things like this, it's a sort of pet peeve of mine. Furthermore, most of this discussion has been far from productive, especially after the staff's reply. The issue is currently solved as is despite peoples' feelings about it, there should be no reason to cry over split milk.
  5. No, it is being treated as a platform to realize an idea and to gain funding for a project otherwise would not see backing from whatever industry they're in. Don't delude yourself here, mate. While the methods may seem similar on the surface, it's neither a storefront nor pre-selling. Refer to their FAQ linked previously. If they're selling something, it's the idea of something. Furthermore, if they were a storefront and were pre-selling, each "purchase" should be final, but as nothing like that comes from pledging if the campaign fails, nobody is purchasing and selling. Let's quote Kickstarter's own statement from Kickstarter 101; Furthermore, To further emphasize, on the surface it may seem similar to pre-ordering, but that is barely skin deep. At least with e.g. game pre-purchases you are putting money down to buy a product that has a definitive release date and is under development. With Kickstarter, more often than you not you barely even have a prototype. In addition, difference is that your money is not used to develop that product as the funding has been already realised. I'm still waiting for that citation on this.
  6. Then you're treated like any other customer. Hell, one could even argue the common consumer is entitled to less information than whoever funded it. No, it has been treated as such by the ignorant consumers. Pledging to a project and gaining a reward based on that pledge is not the same act as purchasing. The only time the term purchase is even made in KS' FAQ is when referring to the creator offering purchased items and claiming to be their own. Kickstarter is more akin to a project specific Patreon with defined rewards for backers. Again; you gain a reward based on your pledge, you do not purchase anything. Creators do not sell anything through Kickstarter.
  7. Citation, please. If you read the Visual Novel itself, you would notice that the overhaul is rather extensive, if not massive. And yet you spell it incorrectly. You are treated like a customer, if anything. No customer is entitled to information that a corporation is not willing to give out. All any customer is given is whatever information a company is willing to give out. While full transparency would be great, that is is nearly an impossible thing to realize in real world. How they do their trading and business often stays within the doors if not for anything else but to avoid bad PR. It's better to leave people guessing and wondering rather than confirm whatever their thoughts might be. What consumer does not know can't hurt them. You funded a product. You do not purchase anything through Kickstarter. The creators then does whatever it needs to realize the vision laid out, even if it requires changing the content, often will less enthusiastic response. If you want to be completely accurate, backers are not customers either. However, the position of a Kickstarter backer is far less than a backer in an actual business venture and the position is more in-line to a patron of arts, who supports a producer with something, in this case of money, to do whatever they want.
  8. Muv-Luv Feedback

    Errare humanum est.
  9. Muv-Luv Feedback

    While I don't intend to stir arguments with this, but I'm guess most of English fanbase had their first contact with Muv-Luv through Amaterasu's translation. That probable emotional bias gives an impression of the translation and script being better than what it was, when in reality Amaterasu's script has character's losing their characterisation and mistranslated bits happening to the point of obsfuscating personalities, events and concepts. For example, Kei has actual character in the new script. You may not like how her lines were made idiomatic in English, but that's the level of translation needed to convey her properly to those who are not wed into Japanese pop-/culture. In Amaterasu's script, she was nearly a blank slate with night incoherent lines tacked together with no flow to them to make some sense, a thing that is very much against the Japanese original. Then you have lines referencing Kimi ga Nozomu Eien that were completely lost in Amaterasu's script, among other issues. Amaterasu's Alternative script fairs no better. I seriously encourage checking the following bit just to remind yourself what the actual quality in it was; It's a hammy script. Its flow is jagged and muddled with each line being almost a separate entry without connection to the previous. All the lines given to the characters sound inorganic and unnatural to the point it sounds almost like nothing an English speaker would speak like. That's the crux; these are essentially English subtitles that are required to convey meaning and purpose through English. Simply transliterating something word for word makes an awful as hell translation, especially from a language that uses logographic writing system. Translation should be true to the source, but it should not be its slave, and it is highly important to allow the translated language to shine in its own right regardless of the source language. Translation in itself is a form of localisation, and when you have a logographic system, the simple job of turning 馬鹿 into baka is localisation. The raw transliteration of that logography would not be fool or stupid though. It'd be horse deer. Horse deer in English doesn't convey anything about stupidity, so more appropriate local version of stupid is used. Is this a nonsequitor of an example? Yes. I have a hobby of reading about etymologies now and then. Picking this up from few pages back, and while you mean good with this, it's an outright insult from my end. If you continue straight into Alternative after finishing this new translation, I guarantee you'll feel and see quality bottoming out in comparison. To use Meiya as an example, her lines have no change in level of quality when it comes to the script. Amaterasu's Muv-Luv and Alternative share the same level of competence, and while their Alternative script may be slightly more polished compared to their Muv-Luv script, it's nowhere near the quality it should be. Meiya's character in the official translation is more accurate representation. Let's be fair, people have rose coloured glasses when it comes to Amaterasu's translation. This is a normal psychological thing to happen. People are invested in the characters on an emotional level and they have subjective view on everything surrounding it. When a new translation comes in and claims that it is more accurate and true to the source material, the first thing people see is their history being invalidated of sorts. For example, first Finnish translation of Peter Pan was in 1922, which had all the names localised in a very, very childish way. It lessened the violence and had few inaccuracies thrown in there. This translation was the base of future translations, until in 2002 we got our first accurate translation of the work, which didn't go so well with people who had experienced the old one/s, including the Disney movie. Why? Because the one they knew before was the one they were invested in personally on an emotional level. Names gained better and less soft connotations and such. Nevertheless, the translation is stellar and represents the original works far better. The same happened with Brother Grimm's, with some of the new translations re-inserting the bloody messes and translating the stories in their original horrific content. Emotional attachment blurs memories harshly. That emotional attachment is towards the story itself, not towards the translation. I too like certain elements in Ama's script, but the official translation is objectively better. One can say that they like Amaterasu's script better, as opinions are personal and subjective.Taking a step back and observing these while distancing from your own views is beneficial in almost every case. If this comes through as confrontational to you, blame it on the fact that I have a splitting headache right now. I recommend giving this a read. I also recommend reading a book called Shakespeare and the Japanese stage, as it goes deep into translation and portrayal of the Bard's work. ISBN is 978-0521470438. Watching Kumonosu-jou/ Throne of Blood should give an idea how Japanese have classically adapted Shakespeare for themselves. They're just as screwed if not even worse with the Bard than we are with their Classic literature.
  10. Muv-Luv Feedback

    There is nothing legal about writing a script that breaks into a proprietary software engine and ripping copyrighted assets, then further modifying those assets without consent from the copyright and IP holder, then releasing them back to public use with and through unofficial plugin. Fair use does apply, to an extent, but you would need to showcase you have worked under it and have not directly used existing assets as is or produced their imitation. PC modding has been a grey zone since day one at best. It is legally extremely risky to bypass protection measures and gaining control over those as well as copy any data gained from hacking the engine open or utilising. Trade secret law is a thing as is the anti-circumvention provisions of the DMCA. You'd need support from the developer to have a freedom PC games often enjoy, as some developers are willing to give tools for modding purposes in the limits of Fair use. âge has not endorsed modding of their software. Depends completely on what headphone set and mixed audio you're using. If you want to argue about it not being true 3D because it's more about tricking the hearing, something that surround sounds itself is as well in the end, then you can e.g. pre-order OSSIC headphones that were designed for 3D listening with VR equipment or buy whatever headset is currently most recommended for your use. Multiple drivers in a headphone isn't anything new and has allowed surround sound headphones to exists for a good while now, and most importantly, do it well too.
  11. Muv-Luv Feedback

    It's intentional misleading and sets up expectations. It a normal device that is often used to cause intrigue in the audience, something that trailers and ad posters have done as long as they've been utilised. Strictly speaking, it's not a spoiler but a set-up. Refer to these two studies as well on spoilers and storytelling as well.
  12. Muv-Luv Feedback

    That's the thing thou. It'd be a satisfied result, not a perfect one. Only âge/ixtl could back on original assets and revise them, if they have core raw files still in stash rather than just semi-finalised ones. Japanese corporations aren't too keen on keeping raw assets when they can have something that just needs to be converted to put into a software. Thankfully, companies don't tend just junk their masters anymore like Sega used to with the Saturn. Not as blurry as I expected. I do see where things got screwed up, but oh well, automated upscaling. It's never point-perfect but at times, as you said, satisfactory. That it may be, but it'd still be an upscale, and upscaling an asset for the sake of higher resolution, even when done as a fan project, wouldn't entice me. I'd just rock things as intended. Hell, that's why I spin Laserdiscs on a CRT telly. Anyway, hacking and discussion about it really should be moved to relevant forums. This is a discussion about attempting to gain unsanctioned access to copyrighted assets and re-use them in an unofficial manner to modify an existing product. Not a topic for an official forum.
  13. Muv-Luv Feedback

    You can see in the lines where it fucks up by trying to smooth things wrong. I'll concede, Waifu2x does pretty nice upscales, thou it would still end up being an upscale. Calling it a purist attitude, but having a piece in its intended resolution is always the best way to go with things. God bless digital remastering with films and television. Yeah no. Nothing is future proof. Everything we have now will be obsoleted in the future and those will be obsoleted further down the line. Visual technology advances at a high pace compared to e.g. sound tech, and 4K will be replaced with 5K and 8K. Might as well go for 8K if you want to bloat filesizes unnecessarily.
  14. Muv-Luv Feedback

    It's not about what your PC can or can't do. It's about how nobody wants to see the trouble of starting yet another project that would require reverse engineering like no other and understanding inner workings of something you don't have documentation on. Because most of the people don't have 4k as of now. On top of that, the resolution the CGs are in would look bloody awful at 4k, most likely requiring nearly total redrawing of all assets in order not to look bloody blurry mess. Not to mention the VN's filesize would bloat to levels of unholy hell. I'm a fan of needless quality, sure. Corporations aren't.
  15. Muv-Luv Feedback

    You're free to do it, and no, it would be a big problem. âge's rUGP is known to be incredibly hard to crack and works in mysterious ways to the point only handful of people can make good educated guesses in the expanded userbase how things are run. It doesn't help things change with each new update, so old methods don't work with the new engines or vice versa.