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  1. So guys I was wondering... with the release of muvluv on the psvita and the localization it got on steam along with the kickstarter project that is still going on with localizing muv luv photon melodies and flowers, do you think we will ever get (chronicles / total eclipse /schwarzesmarken / altered fable / supplement) on english in platforms like ps4/psvita/nintendo switch/Steam?? id love to see those on english! Also ive seen that with the release of exogularity theyre looking forward to continuing the main saga, do you think we will ever see light of that project in english too?? Im eager to find out more in the next months when they finish the localizations!! and ifthey make another kickstarter im for SURE going to join this time
  2. Otakon 2018

    What will they have there? A stand with muv luv goodies??
  3. If there are some backers out there that when they receive their products would be open to sell them im an inmediate buy just pm me if youre interested in it, i wanted to get into the party earlier but i saddly couldnt
  4. Ok so the 00 unit looks like Sumika because if it doesnt then the human brain that is the 00 unit would go rampage, is like one day you suddenly awake in a new body and your brain doesnt recognize it as yours, thats the main reason the 00 unit is sumika, and to reply the question how could they clonate her body mmm i think it could be from data that yashiro gave to yuuko or from reading shes brainwave signals while she was just a brain
  5. I came to know Muv luv because in the recent years i became to like a lot the visual novel genre, so while i was reading umineko no naku koro ni i searched in the rank TOP visual novels of all time and then i found this MASTERPIECE
  6. Where to buy the games?

    Im sorry for the late response I just came back to this site, I buyed mine from ebay so they could ship it to Mexico, but my main recommendation for you is to buy them from "Playasia" theyre great sellers! Good luck!
  7. Im not so sure im wondering about that too, id love to see more content getting localized but well just have to wait till they finish localizing Photon melodies and flowers on Steam first