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    I would love to have the MIDI files if they are made for piano.
  2. Schwarzesmarken

    They might be in a dire situation, but it appears to be pretty clear thatthey are not desperate enough to work together with West Germany. As far as I understood they do have other TSF squadrons, so they could reallocate pilots if necessary if they added her to another squadron. If they really needed manpower they wouldn't place a potential double agent in the place were she could do the most damage so easily. Doing that without any form for trust/insurancewould seem more suicidal than desperate in my opinion. If she had a convincing explanation for deserting and had to go through a trial period outside the squadron to prove her loyalty, it would have been more believable. But placing an enemywho is likely to back stab you on critical missions just like that, even after announcing that she had a hidden agenda for joining? That is just too far out... In the anime Katie brings it up on her own accord and Irisdina states clearly she hadn't said anything to her. After hearing that Katie is curious about the people from East Germany and wants to be friends, Irisdina appears to have been convinced that it is a good idea. Other than Gretel suspecting Irisdina, there is littleto indicate that this was her plan all along (other than that it appears she was waiting for her to wake up). But her willingness does make more sense considering the LN, but that only explains Irisdina's acceptance, not that the superiors would approve. And I still don't see why Irisdina would be so interested in bringing her that squadronunlessshe was planning something behind their backs. That might be the case for Gretel, but that doesn't mean Irisdina is allowed to do whatever she pleases. She will get a black mark like everyone else if she does anything suspicious. I don't think that beinga national hero would protect you much. They might not remove her if she is too useful, but there is no doubt that they would limit her freedom greatly if she didn't behave herself.
  3. Schwarzesmarken

    So far I'm not hyped (I haven't read the LN either), but they only introduced the setting and started on definingthe characters, so it might get better. Feels like it haven't really started yet though, so I hope it will be 24 episodes so there is time for actual content... I did not expect the historical references, but it seems like it could work well. At one point the Japanese felt a bit off though, but nothing too bad. I think several scenes might work better with a German dub though. I'm usually okay with it being Japanese even when it is supposed to be foreigners, but because of the setting I think some scenes would had a bigger impact on me if it was in German, because it would better fit into the image I have from documentaries and historical movies. And I think especially the scene were Katia is speaking about working together with West Germany in the corridor, it would be easier to relate to the doubt and fear about being reported if it had been in German. However it is a bit strange how easily they accepted a deserter, not just intomilitary service, but into a special force unit.Especially with such a fishy excuse... I also hope Katia will be more than just some random moe character. She is a veteran, but she is so clumsy thatthe first thing she does isto fall out of the bed? If they did censor the gore, it was well done so it didn't look too obvious at least. But Japan and its censorship, I don't really get it...
  4. Customs/Duty tax

    The $50 is only the specifiedvalue of the packet, it is not what you end up paying. Say the duty is 20% you will end up having to pay$10.AFAIK the idea is to promote local goods to avoid thatwork places move out of the country. They added a digital only tier towards the end of the kickstarter, so if you didn't want to back yourgovernment you had that option. ; ) Note that duty is not the only kind of fee you can encounter. In Denmark there is no "duty" when it is under 1,150 DKK ($168) excludingshipping, but there is still a 25 % value-added tax when ordering outside EU unless the value is less than 80 DKK ($11). (The fees apply to shipping as well, and they all stack so you pay fees of the fees.)And they note that the shipping company usually takes a fee for handling the customs process as well. Bottom line is, prepare forrandom extra costs and hope for the best.
  5. I just checked backerkit again as for me it just had an entry called something like"Collectors box", physical codec and 2 raptors (yay?). Now it lists everything from the $150 tier as separate items(and only one raptor), so try to checkit again, it seems like they have done some updates to fix (at least some of) the issues.
  6. Controller Support?

    AutoHotkey is free and very powerful. It is a bit advanced, but the documentation is good.See the following wiki pages for how to use it with a gamepad: Remapping a Joystick to Keyboard or Mouse Using a Joystick as a Mouse
  7. 300k $ surplus theories

    It's not really that bad either ; )
  8. 300k $ surplus theories

    I would reallywant to see more gamesbeing translated, and I don't think it is as unrealistic as some make it to be. TE might be a bit big, but even then it is shorter than Alternative (according to vndb) and that is not including Extra and Unlimited. Even if it isn't translated, it is $70k more money than the trilogy, and Alternative Projects reports that the fan-translation is 25% done which probably could be used. Compared to the Grisaia kickstarter it doesn't really sound that unrealistic if you ask me. But disregarding TE, why not just some of TDA? The prelude and ep. 01 have already been translated, and it shouldn't be too much to do one or two extra episodes. I don't see why we should wait until the series is done before starting on it either. Bottom-line is that I supported a translation project, not a merchandiseproject. I want to see more of the MuvLuv franchise in the long run. It doesn't need to be for free, a VN, nor does it need to be in the near future. (Most of usare used to waiting years for VNs getting translated anyway.) But please use the money for helping bringing more of MuvLuv to the west some way or another. If I remember correctly, it is Digia that is doing the translation, Age is only doing the MuvLuv improvements and porting goals. (To play devil's advocate, why should I care about Age creating new content that I will never be able to understand?)
  9. Learning Japanese

    I have never really put any effort into learning Japanese. I once tried tried learning hiragana and a bit of kanji, but that only lasted a week. Languages have always caused metrouble: I went to some sort of speech school in kindergarten. I needed almost a year extra to learn to read. (I had the headmaster as my private tutor : P) I can only understand Polish, not speak it even though technically it is a first language for me. (My mother couldn't speak Danish when I was little.) My sister can speak in Polish just fine. I failed both English and German in 9th grade. (English education started in 6th grade, German in 7th.)I don't know why I failed English though. So my motivation have never been high for trying to learn a 5th language, as I was already messed up enough. 500 animeserieslater, I am starting to understand a bit of Japanese though. I first realized it whenI was watching a clip from an anime on YouTube and first halfway into it noticingthat there were no subtitles. If it is a very casual anime like comedy or slice-of-life I can mostly understand the meaning. I rarely do that though as most anime get translated so there is no point in doing so, but I'm noticing more and more the differences between the spoken lines and the translation. I find that most of the untranslated media I'm interested in sadly are written works. If most VNs actually voiced the MC I would probably have tried a few and attempt to deal with the remaining unvoiced parts, but it is just too much when it is every other line...
  10. Kickstarter's End Celebration

    The chart over backers for the raptor is great. Collector edition for comparison: And the for theraptor:
  11. Kickstarter's End Celebration

    What happened with the $1 backers? It nearly doubled in the last two days.
  12. Mild complaint on mobile ver. of site

    The problem is that the width of the site is set to 85% in the.ipsLayout_container selector (and a max-width of 40000px :P), which adds some borders in desktop mode, but doesn't look good in the mobile theme. So it should be reset to 100% in mobile mode, pretty easy fix. But it is pretty annoying that websites switches to mobile theme as soon as the width goes under 1024px, as the half-width of a 24" monitor is usually 960px...
  13. International Eishi Roster

    Name: Sebastian (aka Spiller or spillerrec) Country: Denmark And do check out the map, just click on your country:http://muvluv.spillerrec.dk Why you are here: Flowed in with the kickstarter hype wave What you have given up for the cause: $320 (+ possible import taxes) of financial safety for when I finish university this summer
  14. Favicon / SSL

    Just to let you know it is not just Randomacts, I too would like SSL as well. If it had just been some random forum I would probably have just walked away instead of registering as I expect at least the login/register areas to be served on a secure connection. I tried making just the heart portion of the logo, as I don't see how the normal logo could be done in that size:
  15. Collector's Corner

    I don't have anything muvluv related, during the 9 years I have been into anime I have bought 5LNs for a total of $60. So even though I'm a bit of a miser I didn't feel bad about pledging $150 for two games, as I do want to do my bit of showing that there is interest from the western marked. Are there anyconventions in Europe btw? The only event I heard about in my country was some cosplay gathering. But actually, now that all stretch goals have been met the $150 tier isn't really that bad value... Damn it guys, I'm going to up it to $300 now...