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  1. There was a mistake with my rewards order and I dont seem t be the only one but that doesnt seem to be the worse problem. With my order wrong, I found the Customer Support page with a form and filled it out earlier. Continuing to read the page, i looked at the comments and found a few others are missing items. I would stop there but others are filling out forms for customer service and not even getting the bare minimum response that their issue is acknowledge, let alone, that their problem is being fixed. Something needs to be done about this. I for one, after 3 years, have grown weary of this Kickstarter. This Kickstarter campaign started that we would be done within about a year but, it has almost been 3 times as long. I understand things have been chaotic with the starting over on MLA again, English localization passing hands, and the restructuring of the Ixtl., things beyond the Kickstarter's organizer's hands, but there is one mistake that has been prevalent of all this, a lack transparency. A lot of the problems that this kickstarter has had is that there has been an absence of formal notification what exactly is happening. A few of the things I have listed I have discovered through word of mouth from forums across the internet and nonchalantly mentioned by prominent members of the Muv Luv community, who, largely have ties and connections to staff and former staff of this project. All I want is, and many others, to be in the know and have our problems addressed. As just a fan, I have grown frustrated over these long years but with this lack of response of items people have paid for, has finally angered me. The KS has been funded, items are being sent but now people are not getting what they were promised and paid for and filing complaints however, nothing is coming from those complaints. What is happening now? Out of all the things that needs to be discussed, where are people's paid items and what can be done about this is perhaps the most vital question to be asked and responded so far in this campaign. You probably cant answer that question now, but simplying responding and reassuring the issue will be resolved, like what should have happened through out the entire time, can go a long way with your patient and dedicated fans.
  2. Missing part from reward

    Go here: and find out what to do. If you get no response in the next few days contact the person below.
  3. Physical Rewards Leftovers?

    I heard whispers of rumors about this. If it is true, it would be nice the Backers have first dibs on these.
  4. One of the concerns I said above is a lack of transparency, basically, Backers are not really informed in a blatant way what is happening. Simply tell us what is happening with the project and how it concerns the fans. If, you think its going to be released this day, tell us, if you have to push back the date, be honest and tell us you ran into a problem and are pushing back the date to fix it to release a quality product. Saying its often and inevitable to expect delays in games makes myself, the customer, feel like a child where I should keep quite and wait until the adults are finished because they know whats good for you. I am fine with waiting if an unexpected problem occurs in my games and they need time to fix it but with the lack of reports about the projects coming out, especially comparing the frequency of reports from a year ago, it brings back flashbacks of the same behavior of other failed and shady kickstarters for games, I just dont like feeling the rug maybe pulled from under us even though I know full well a game is very much going to be released. We are adults, most of us can handle the bad news if and when it gets delayed, just inform us.
  5. Does this explain why Muv Luv Alternative is behind from their projected fate?
  6. They sent out update #40 a few hours ago but it didnt specify a date or a rough timeframe for that. They also didnt specify MLA's release on steam, perhaps the most important piece of information we need to know at this point in time.
  7. All possible and good observation. Also, it seems many of the members of the project we got to know have left. Maybe thats why a lot of transparency and updates have gone as well, with them. Anyway, the point I was making is how important it is to have an updates and see what and where our funds are up to. I used a little customer scare tactics to inflate my concerns somewhat and exaggerate what maybe happening to get some responses but I have genuinely started to develop a concern none the less. Usually its a good sign when developers talk and interact with the public and customers but otherwise signals there maybe be problems in development. However I really hope my concerns turn out to be misguided and dont come to fruition.
  8. Lack of transparency is a major concern through games on Kickstater where it has been well documented that during game production they run into concerns and abandon they project and take the money, which I have been a victim to. However, I do not think the Degica will do the same to run off with our money with the release of the first game but the lack of updates is not good for the moral of it's customers. The last update was on Feb 27, about 3 and a half months ago, and on April 19th on their twitter they said an update would be coming soon, that was just shy of a month ago. I dont know if they are busy with Anime Expo plans, working the logistics of the announced Kiminozo, or the games itself to be distracted from giving us news. I believe as a customer, I should be patient to get a quality game, which does take time, but they could release information of what they are doing and where they are at in the project to reassure customers and gave confidence in the company. I am not saying to hurry up the game project or anything like that but as a customer who paid $150, I would like to have confidence in this purchase than other failed Kickstarter fulfillment I have funded in the past, just simply give us an update.