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  1. I finished the trilogy in June 2017, and it still haunts me to this day. There just isn't any way that I can forget the stories of Takeru and 207B. Their pure courage and selflessness, and willingness to sacrifice for the greater good. Many of my friends don't take the series seriously when I talk about it, leaving me feeling frustrated, and many new VN readers tend to be reluctant to get into such a heavy game. It makes me feel a little empty, seeing such a great game with great values behind it go unappreciated. I'm pretty much here to ask if anyone has any good recommendations for fanfiction that are completed or update regularly, because I'm craving more content. Also does anyone know where I could find the OST for the game in high quality like .flac or .alac? I have the .mp3 versions from khinsider, but really wish I could find higher resolution versions. Thanks a lot guys. Does anyone else feel frustrated or sad that Muv-Luv remains out of the limelight?
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    Maxim Gorky from Singapore! Massive fan, here to keep the legacy alive