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  1. How's Everyone's Language Proficiency?

    Chinese ( Mandarin ) and English. I think you would understand Japanese more easily if you know some Chinese. They share a lot of characters.
  2. I know there will be a patch after the game release. As the MUV-LUV team said before,"We will also release an official patch for the remaining important elements from Muv-Luv. More details will be provided at a later date." But I am worried that the patch will only apply to the physical DVD copy, which is DRM-free. I have pledged the physical PS Vita version, which means I can only have a digital PC copy. It'll be so bad if I cannot enjoy the "complete" MUV-LUV.
  3. I have the same problem. I did nothing to change my payment method after KS told me that money collecting failed. Instead,I choose paypal to get the reward I want. To avoid potential double payment, I even cancelled my CC on my KS account. I just don't know why and how this time my CC payment get through. But I trust Muv Luv Team. I know they will refund us once they get to understand the situation. Am I right? @The Muv-Luv Team
  4. Libra of the Vampire Princess KS prefundia

    Wow,so you've read Norn9 and Code Realize.What do you think about those two VNs? I would consider spending money on them if they are good enough. Any suggestion?
  5. I haven't read ML. Right now my top one VN is White Album2. Man! This WA2 is soooooo good. I am just addicted to the story and character. It should be localised indeed! I hope ML will be that great too.
  6. [RESOLVED] PSVITA digital port for 150$

    Maybe you are right. I just misunderstand that. Thanks! And I do hope the region problem would not trouble us so that everyone could enjoy the game.
  7. [RESOLVED] PSVITA digital port for 150$

    Well I thought they only said"not only US", but this project is for the West. They mightexclude JP zone by default that's whythey even didn't mention that. I think you better PM ML team for more detail.
  8. [RESOLVED] PSVITA digital port for 150$

    Hello, I don't think so. The English version is notsold inJapan. So it simply will not exist on PSN in your region. You better choose a physical Vita box.
  9. I asked the ML Team two days ago about the unrated version, they reply that "it depend on the platforms", which means games on PS Vita will off course be censored. It's not about which country they release games, it's about the platforms.
  10. Thanks!!!

    Reporting from China! Many thanks to the Muv-Luv team for making this possible! Many thanks to all guys here!