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  1. Thank you very much for your time to reply me KJO. The bold part is the only thing that hold this restless feelings in my heart, as long as that project isn't dead i can wait. And about Schwarzesmarken ... i already watch it last year and even though i don't want to , i have to admit the story is very good , but it's just dark for me and i can't stand bad ending , i know it's war theme so i understand but , in my opinion i need story with good ending , to give me motivations to keep going with my life , so for me bad ending goes against it and makes me can't sleep for 2-3 days it give terrible feelings , i'm not blaming the story , like i said it's very good. To be honest i already read some spoiler from other website that in TE ... ehm i think should put it into spoiler ?? I also found this https://vndb.org/r41300 I hope that info is reliable and correct.
  2. Hello … i just got into Muv-Luv Alternate : Total Eclipse after watching the anime, and after the ending of it which is very very cliffhanger i really unsatisfied , so i browse the whole google day and night to search for the continuations and it says that the ending is on the Visual Novel games and im really glad there is a PC version and it lead me here. But i got really nervous when i saw this last update is on Jun 2016 last year … is this project died/discontinue , is this website died?? https://alternativeprojects.wordpress.com/2015/07/07/july-updates/comment-page-1/#comment-727 Please, if anyone can give any reply/answer … will be really appreciated. I really hunger for this and want to know the real ending, the anime ending left me with big big hole and many questions, but i heard there will be no second season for Total Eclipse and if you want to know the ending is in Visual Novel of it. I really hope (beg you) that this project not died.