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  1. International Eishi Roster

    Heke reporting duty! From Finland! Objective: Take home land back, kill filty BETAs and get this francaise to Finland!
  2. "That" Scene (Possible spoilers)

    Spoilers i dont know how to hide!! Ofcourse untouch. Those scenes belong this game. I have to admit i was shock or beter saying very suprise what happed on chomp. I not easily get suprised or get shock on movie/game but that scene i never think that can happend. It show how brutal beta world is. That Beta rape thing is nessesery but hey comon you can show tenthacol porn in hentai. First emotion was "Comon!! Have to but this japan thing on this game??" But that scene keeps going it will be more sick thing. I think better was to make it little shorter ppl can see what happed there even rape scene was little shorter.
  3. That game look nice and interesting but that japan is little too much to me.. I bet my money to other Muv luv things i hope them will soon come global . Or i have to go school to learn some japan my self
  4. Is there in future plan to get english version?. And what you mean no stop money flowing? Mean like mobile game,s if you want get something fast you have to pay? I hate that consept.
  5. 1.Cryska 2.Inia 3.Meiya Scarlet twins that monster power what they have with TSF that is so amazing. Meya is my favorite in Muv luv extra-alternative.
  6. How did you first get into Muv-Luv?

    Total ecplise anime. I am big fan anime/scifi/mecha i complete my code geass and i was looking new series. I saw muv luv and thing lets try it. That First lunnar war was so epic and i did fall love with series. That anime was too short and at the time nothing else was not available. I was so hearth broken. Now i did see steam sales there was extra and unlimiten my hope's are back.. Still wanting more muv luv.. that muv luv alternative was amazing!
  7. I didint read tread sorry abaut that. I have some questions.. Is there english version? Can i get this now? Is this full game or beta and is this worth to play?
  8. "The Terminator shows terrifying combat capability!"
    "This must be what happiness feel like!"