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  1. Pretty sure the games are considered as part of the Collector's Box, which is why they aren't listed a part from the rest. As it shows it that way for me as well, and I'm at the $300 tier.
  2. Yep, everything looks great on my end, too. Nothing to report. Really dunno if I was supposed to the RESOLVED header thing or not, but I did for now.
  3. Excellent. Yeah, I kind of figured that it was just little hiccups like @Klashvornsaid above. 'sall good, bugs are pretty common out the gate.
  4. Point taken. I still think everything's on the up and up, but I just want to make sure. Assuming the listing of two Raptors is incorrect, it's possibly it's just typos in the BackerKit, which at this point these posts would probably be helpful to the team in catching them. If that's the case.
  5. [RESOLVED] Are the Jackets in US sizes?

    I just know they stated they're Japanese sizes. To be honest, I know very little about clothing sizing and such, so I can't be much help past what they've stated.
  6. No sweat, either way. Obviously I wouldn't complain about a second Raptor, but I'm also not going to take that as word of god just yet. My only major concern is that the Add-On Sumika is listed as limited, and I'd really like to get it. I assume, like I said before, it's just considered part of the box as is photon melodies/flowers and just isn't listed separately, but I'd like to know so I can grab the figma also if I can. It might all be gone by that time, and honestly I'm not petty enough to get angry about it if it is, but I just wanted to go ahead and ask now just in case.
  7. 1Destroyer-Class BETA Plushie 1Yuuko's Gift Bag 1Muv-Luv Alternative CODEX (Physical) 1Muv-Luv Trilogy Collector's Box PC Signed 1Muv-Luv Trilogy Digital Port PS Vita 1TSF Raptor with Pin Badge 1TSF Raptor in signed box ...I only just now noticed it lists two Raptors for me. Is that supposed to be the case or some sort of typo? Mind you I did do the Raptor tier, but I selected a Takemikazuchi with my additional money, so I...Shouldn't get a second Raptor?
  8. Honestly I assume that, yeah, they are included butthey just list it as just the Collector's Box and the Codex is separate simply because it's not a given inclusion with the box. I just want to make one-hundred percent sure.
  9. [RESOLVED] Are the Jackets in US sizes?

    They're in Japan sizes, which are roughly a size to a size and a half smaller to US sizes.
  10. I just wanted to make sure of something. When I set up my BackerKit information using the e-mail just a bit a go, I noticed that the summary for my pledge listed everything I was supposed to receive and also the physical Muv Luv Codex, but it did not list the Sumika/00 Unit figma. I pledged at the $300 Raptor tier, and I thought it said that the figma would be included in the collector's boxes for all $150 tiers and up. Is it just considered a given with the Muv Luv Trilogy Physical Box, or has this changed? I just wanted clarification, just in case.
  11. International Eishi Roster

    Romi Nelos United States of America Because only America can save the world of Muv Luv. A paycheck or so, and constant ribbing. Totes worth it.