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  1. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier

    I am already close to finishing my 4th despair takami.... Honestly you don't need to do the last mission. It is more of a bonus. You NEED a friend or some random that have that Iyo to possibly win the stage. I haven't really found another solution sadly...
  2. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier

    the 15 sec stun lock is with Iyo. Her first SSR has that skill. It was so broken that its nearly a staple in everyone's team if you have it. I wouldn't suggest anyone else even the damage reflection isn't all that stable...
  3. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier

    His protection only activate when he does normal attacks(cause all your damage to be reduced by 70%), which happens so fast... since it has a build in 50% speed and 3x atk speed... Basically he has the reductionon all the time except every a 1-2seconds window... but the moment you see the triple slashes and the red aura is the time his defense goes down the drain. He also have very high dodge rate for some reason... hes also very easy to kill with if you have the 15sec stun lock... he gets trashed within that lock period... The rafale isn't that great tho. But it definitely looks very nice and great for hitting these high dodgers. EDIT: New stage for Despair... Killer Tamaki with even more broken stats.... ROFL. You NEED that 15 sec stun lock to have a very good chance of surviving. Highly doubt surviving with a full party... Testing another team, seems reflection works too... More point awards too.....
  4. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier

    I can tell you that due to the skill set of the pilot and the TSF your most likely not going to kill it... I had to use units from the AoT event characters to do it. The problem is that the unit has build in speed and damage reduction. the SSR takeru despair ver, simply causes huge damage over time once it uses its skill. It also have very high dodge rates. I found the key to take it down is when it uses itsskill, which cause it to lose its damage reduction skill + 70% more damage taken when hit. You instantly launches every skill you have at it and kill it ASAP. I can tell you that this Despair Takami is one of the best Depair unit and definitely should get it.
  5. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier

    The last JFK event, i think the forum was still down. I actually did have time to take a look at the story. The MC group time warped in and was able to hold off on the first wave of massive Beta invasion. Then came the BETA thatbroke through from underground, Will and Lilia had to retreat to handle this group. Then they successfully defended the base and the rest of the BETA retreated... Marimo came to assist only to learn that UN A-207 squad finished the job. But she knew that A-207 couldn't have existed due to the situation...
  6. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier

    I stop using the hope type Lise as a team member and instead as a leader and the problem went away. It could be possible that they fixed the issue, but I had freeze late yesterday before the switch. Yep I notice that silver disks are on unlimited. Time to farm like crazy.
  7. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier

    maybe? but there is already a pilot skill that locks down the entire field for 10 secs... I don't really see a reason for this. Infact the 2 TSF from this event is most likely to be used for the next event's bonuses and then start collecting dust for ages to come lols.
  8. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier

    Well there are certain skills that would jam if activated at a certain time within the missionand they are working to fix it supposely... the shiranui is 25% chance to stun when doing normal attack.
  9. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier

    The new Yui is great too. only problem is that it still freezes the mission lmao
  10. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier

    There is a damage reduction and bonus damage advantage. But mainly if your communicator's type matches those of your pilots, you get a 2x stat bonuson all pilots.
  11. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier

    I got rolled back andwas kinda late to join the party lols. But They didn't really "rolled back", they just delete everything you gain from the regular gem gacha and refund you the gem you spend during the period. I still retain my scenes and card datas... just that I don't have those new cards anymore lols. But I did get to keep anything that got LB-ed into my old cards that I already have. Oh and I also get to keep the UN coins... not that they are relevant anymore.... I only gotten like 6 new SSRs out of the 40ish SSR pulls from the countless spamming... And I don't feel like I really miss it after the roll back either... rofl
  12. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier

    Its not that great tho, it was gacha-ing with the 2% rate and you get maybe 1 SSR after spamming the button 10 times... I wonder if they will roll back or something lols.
  13. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier

    infinite ssr... and roll I think I might have figure out what happened. But someone need to have both Android/Ios version and also the DMM version to test. Ok Games in Maint. most likely fixing the above major bug =) I mean infinite gacha rolling and getting countless SSRs and all the new SSRs for free is pretty game breaking. There also seems to be bug with skill that would just freeze the mission with the new characters
  14. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier

    The newer events are getting interesting... Now you can only awaken or LB with those limited event only material.... The enemy from the stage are mostlyspeed types and bosses isDespair types... extremely easy stage for farming... The hope type Lise's skill has very cool animation. aurora light rising from the field forming a hex star shape lols. Mix with 1 hit kill Lise is a pure walk in the park. Also they finally distributed the Mana from the pre-reg. Now one more to go and we are good. HOLY CRAP THERE IS HUGE BUG RIGHT NOW!!!! Free SSRs for everyone... I wonder how they will ever fix this one...
  15. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier

    unfortunately the current event isn't very newbie friendly and the award isn't that great either... So just collect as much stamp as you can to exchange for discs and hope for the next one to be friendlier. The game goes through stages... there are always these stamp collection that have horrendous requirement, horrendous drop rate and extreme lvl of enemy. Then there are these point collection events that are basically giving out lots of freebies for very little effort.