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  1. Today i met something strange: i log-in on my sub acc and i have there new log-in rewards board (last reward is SSR ticket), and gatcha with 2500 DMM for 11 cards (1SSR in them), but on my main i dont have this. is this normal or its some bug which onyly i have?
  2. I just need to confirm: is Beatrix added pernamently, or its this event onyly? becouse i dont known if i should roll for her in this gatcha (kinda low chance, but i love her so much...).
  3. y... Like they said it: life kick me right into balls AGAIN! I have 2 SSR tickets just to roll for Beatrix, and she isnt in regular gatcha... rly? Why? I ask WHY?!!! Why life must be so cruel for me!!! Hope they add them into regular after some time...
  4. Totaly agree: too many Fubukis (and all JAP TSF). I mean: rly... we wanna Black Widow, that Crimson Berkut (the one which Martika use), and some other non JAP TSF. Just look how PICK UP Gatcha look compared to USA ones... it have much, much more TSF. And what i think about this event? Hmmm... I dont rly known how to answer... At one side i got Irisdina which is my favourite hero from MuvLuv, but on 2nd one i created new acc and lose SSR Crysca, SR crysca, SR Inia, SR Theodore and that CP which have skill +25% ATK and DEF (forgot her name now), becouse i finished story and spend ALL G-material on BOX Gatcha, without getting even one SSR (aimed for Beatrix). And how is game affecting me as MuvLuv fan... I start to kinda Hate Beatrix becouse of my shity luck when i try to roll her (but still love her).
  5. We cant be so sure that SSR Irisdina, SSR Beatrix, SSR katia and SSR Lise are limited. Valentine are obviously limited, but this 4 not rly. They can be add to G-material gatcha/ticket after SM event.
  6. yes, but you can`t take HR virginity, so we need at least SR. Eather way i wanna some time before SM, or Scarlet Sister gonna come back. Dont have G-material, so... PLZ!!! NO SM AND SS FOR NOW!!! MAKE SOMETHING DIFFRENT!!!
  7. from what i remember she just fell into coma, so there was no resurrection.
  8. I hope so too, but i hope i gonna have some time to store G-material before that (Damm you Beatrix...) BTW: i noticed most Schwarzesmarken cast have so many fans. Kinda cant disagree with them... P.S.: when i checked some MuvLuv sites I noticed that Crysca have tons of fans. Dunno why Martika dont.
  9. y. Irisdina is Best MuvLuv character EVER. After her Beatrix, Crysca and Martica. Sadly i cant roll any of this 3...
  10. About TSF gatcha (pick Up) i gonna roll onyly for Europe/Soviet (Raphael, terminator, berkut,etc.), This are my favourite ML TSF. And i think i gonna use that 5000DMM exchange ticket to get Beatrix, becouse i dont wanna lose any more G-mineral, just to got SR and HR on this gatcha.
  11. Damm you Beatrix... You Famle Fatale! I AGAIN become G-material bankrupt by rolling for you...
  12. soo... 500yen isnt so much, and you got 2 SSR tickets from it. Just buy it. Most online gamers spend at least 10-20 USD on games like this in theyr live. There is even clip about it on Youtube (well... about other game, but working with some rules). It was my 1st time buying quartz/crystal/G-material/Coins/other in game money for real cash, but i dont regret it. 500 yen, for 2 SSR tickets, G-material, Fuel, and SR tickets. BTW: what that 100DMM roll option give? just 1 card roll, 11 cards roll, 1 SSR/SR, 11 cards where you can be sure about SSR?
  13. about buying crystals: you noticed that buying Box is much more profitable? in shop you spend 100DMM for 1Crystal/G-material when you buy 10DMMM box 1st reward is 5crystals/G-material, and you still get some more in this 30 days where last day is SSR ticket. Same is with 480DMM box. 1st reward = 10/20 crystals (dont remember and cant check now becouse im in middle of box). for 500DMM you can get onyly 5 crystals in shop.
  14. is there some way to check whats next event? Becouse i ussualy spend all my G-material, and then i regret it becouse next event is better in my opinion.
  15. BTW: how is it with ticked roll: when i use ticked can i roll some event gatcha eishi/TSF or its impossible?