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  1. Guess who waifu birthday is coming up? 


  2. Some nice muv luv stuff. The figure I already have but it broke so I needed a new one.





  3. How did you first get into Muv-Luv?

    I first heard about it from online discussions. I always asked the name for it, but, the caring people on the boards, refused to give it to me. I have to dig online to find it. That is how I first found out about yui and thenjoy series.
  4. Waiting for someone and I'm about ready to do some reading...!


  5. Nice.  I'm a big Yui fan too - she reminds me of a girl I dated in Taiwan, so I can't help it....

    1. Yuihusbanu


      Aww, that's cute!

    2. rlranft


      Hah!  It was like 25 years ago, but hey....

    3. Yuihusbanu


      Still, good memories

  6. I got two more figures of my waifu!



    1. Jawer


      Nice! Are you planning on getting all the yui figures?

    2. haloff1


      Wow. Your love is without comparison. Can I ask you why you like Yui that much? What makes her special?

    3. Yuihusbanu


      I got two more. There's three more I need, but two are out of print and cost 300+.

  7. Finally, I got my second pack of slaves today! :) My yui bless my decks.


  8. The Waifu War Front Lines

    Yui is love yui is life
  9. Hi!

    How is everyone doing?
  10. references

    Thank you for letting me know.
  11. references

    I know the Muv-luv series is well know, and, with other popular series, it can be brought up in other anime. One of these anime is Dōjin Work. The name of the series and logo are shown in different stores and conventions in the anime. It's a great anime. I highly recommend it, but I will warn you each episode is only 15 minutes long. Check it out, if you have the time. If you see anymore references to muv-luv in any media, post it on this thread.
  12. great cosplay!

    Thanks for letting me know.
  13. Help?

    Thank you.
  14. Hello everyone!

    I will.
  15. Help?

    Does anybody know how old yui takamura is? I know what day, but not the year.