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  1. So wallpapers as a goodbye gift eh...yay? Ah well, I had fun w/ it despite all its much possibilities & potential left untapped.Once again, a shame. Call me back when games like this finally appear~ Well...see ya''round space cowboys...
  2. @EdelweissStill at zero. So who dropped the Rainbow chest? Was it the Boss or the Fort Laser? Anyone ofthem at atrocious odds?
  3. @EdelweissZero drops for me as well, seems its super duper rare huh. I've gotten most of the characters I've wanted w/ my g-ore stock but now I'm below 10k but I've yet to cross out the remaining 4-6 off my list. Was hoping to fix that w/ the special tickets buuuuttt.... I'm now slowlyusing up my mats to get the500 g-ore per max hearts for every extra SSR I can as well as scroungingup every character scene. Took me a while to figure out that the Destroy Ishkur was extra big so needed an extra slot to be piloted.
  4. @EdelweissGot a Ishkur drop myself...but found that I needed DESTROY pilot w/c I currently still don't have one. Well, I still got a lot ofrolls left to try & get one now don't I?heh. Only got steamy girl-boy & kimono Iris for boosts for the BETA one so far. Too much consecutive skill use also increases the chance of it crashing so...
  5. Yup, might as well work on all that we can while we still can. Let's go out in a blaze of glory! Oh? Gotta' collect those then. Gonna' need a couple. Ditto'. Was struggling & lagging as hell throughout when I timed out but I got a rainbow drop so I decided to G-ore continue. But my phone gave up & had a strokebecause it was too much.
  6. Ah, so the end's of this one's journey is coming huh... There were several signs that was leading to this possibility for a while now & its just came to be. Feeling bummed w/ how much possibilities this still had regarding its main story plotline, but unless we get a proper epilogue in its last month, I guess it ends with that cliffhanger. So much wasted potential...truly a shame. Hm? They are to release something on July 5th as a "gift" of sorts? This new boss rush mode's insanely chaotic. My phone's begging for the sweet release of death all throughout the stage.
  7. @CloudyWolf85@EdelweissAnd that's the "main" global game app now, its even worse w/ the original DMM app version. I still occasionally try the original version sometimes.You'll then see how the gamedevs have probably stopped caring or giving it all that much time/effort for that version since every time I did, I encounter problems or a game breaking glitches like the game outright crashing more often or the WIN results screen at times start bugging out forcing a restart/relog. So yeah, though disappointed, not surprised how the Browser version still isn't any better since then. Though slightly irksome, I hope they're still making enough money out of this for them to continue the the Main story plotdespite our gripes ( and despite how shameless they can get w/ it). Itsprobably stillonly one of the very few things that's scratching our TSF needs & "MuvLuv itch" plus its actuallypretty interesting where they've taken this alternate retelling & we are very curious on where its heading & the possible fallout of our MC & 207C's "meddling".
  8. One of the things that greatly annoy me this event is it basically keeps reminding me again just how badly optimized this game is. Playing it on an "old" Zenfone2 but it gets very laggy on just the 2nd or 3rdquest run, not only once has it caused me the S rank for almost running out oftime in-between the few second stops where I've suddenly already lost around +- 10 seconds & such. Not really sure anymore what to think of the consistently weekly "Special Gacha offer!" or two per event.
  9. Asper becoming their usual, another 2nd update w/ a new TE Event. The cool looking black Infinities F-22A seems pretty nice w/ its ability tospeed itself up. Booth new TSF (and its LB mats) are buyable too so getting one & limit breaking it isn't that difficult. Very rareto get a support boost so far though. The enemies being TSFs can be a pain to some since they can evade attacks regularly enough (most annoying when they do so against 1 hit supers). There seems to be a bug that hangs the game though as my game stopped responding twice now after the Boss squad drops in. As much as I love the gold Typhoon's range extending ability, its flashy color lowers my enjoyment of deploying them.
  10. Man, all that talk about TSF figures just reminds me how super rare they are here thus making them very, very expensive. My bro is out ofthe country so I asked him if he can find me a reasonable buy way out there. Hmm, did they nerf some of therifle skills AoE range? I think its railgun supers are doing less collateral damage now range. (or maybe its just the angles) Its basically Kancolle but w/ Guns (so Guncolle?) so yeah, I'm having fun w/ it but it can be grindy & getting Gun Girlsof good rarity as drops or construction is typically RNG& luck. Although one can actually play through it using the lowest rarity 2 stars quite well enough. It also has a proper story & plot so that's interesting as well. Not going hardcore on it & just playing casually. Just look up some cool vids & decide for yourself if its up your alley. Just a reminder, but depending on how you play & how deep you get into it, it can be hell your walking into
  11. Well, a mostly boring one for us long time players unless something new or interesting pops out mid-week again. Ah well, the extra Tickets & UN coins are always welcome. Got extra time to farm FGO & play more Girl's Frontline then...
  12. @CloakGun DestinyzeroOooh, nice gacha booty. Inboth meanings! @EdelweissWell, at least it was guaranteed unlike the gacha. Though you have to do the "pew pew pew" sounds yourself! Hahaha~
  13. So...why did they zoom in the girls steamy image in the Log-in page? Was the Global version too stimulating? I think I'll have to give up on that 8mil achievement SSR ticket. Still don't have a single MiG-27 drop & even if I don't like 'em, my inner collector wants at least a copy.
  14. Huh...totally forgot about Operation Zero despite it being one of the cool story expanding things they've done. Hmm, is their plan anew Event runningback to back w/ a ReRun? Seems fine on apaper again but double farming can be very tiring...its not like older players can just ignore all those SSR tickets & such after all. That last SSR ticket in the Event achievements would have been fine if it was the only one running but nope. Man, can you imagine not using the AP trick & going back to natural AP regen for farming? Bleh... Still not having any luck regarding Steam Paradise as I've yet to get any Rainbow drops at all. I don't really want them (already have way too many oldMiGs just sitting there eating space) but they give Boosts &helps w/ the farming.
  15. @CloudyWolf85Oooh, conrgrats. I'm jelly, I want to get the Minori's from the normal gacha Inia, getting a copy (hopefully both) of her is one of my personalin-game goals. @EdelweissDarn shame...where you at least able to unlock all her hearts? Welp, just a few more hours left to try & get whatever we can for this very rigged thingy. Hmm, I don't think there's any notable occasion coming so I guess its most likely a continuation of Reruns later I guess? Timeline/story wise it should be the Yokohama one but...well...