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  1. So...why did they zoom in the girls steamy image in the Log-in page? Was the Global version too stimulating? I think I'll have to give up on that 8mil achievement SSR ticket. Still don't have a single MiG-27 drop & even if I don't like 'em, my inner collector wants at least a copy.
  2. Huh...totally forgot about Operation Zero despite it being one of the cool story expanding things they've done. Hmm, is their plan anew Event runningback to back w/ a ReRun? Seems fine on apaper again but double farming can be very tiring...its not like older players can just ignore all those SSR tickets & such after all. That last SSR ticket in the Event achievements would have been fine if it was the only one running but nope. Man, can you imagine not using the AP trick & going back to natural AP regen for farming? Bleh... Still not having any luck regarding Steam Paradise as I've yet to get any Rainbow drops at all. I don't really want them (already have way too many oldMiGs just sitting there eating space) but they give Boosts &helps w/ the farming.
  3. @CloudyWolf85Oooh, conrgrats. I'm jelly, I want to get the Minori's from the normal gacha Inia, getting a copy (hopefully both) of her is one of my personalin-game goals. @EdelweissDarn shame...where you at least able to unlock all her hearts? Welp, just a few more hours left to try & get whatever we can for this very rigged thingy. Hmm, I don't think there's any notable occasion coming so I guess its most likely a continuation of Reruns later I guess? Timeline/story wise it should be the Yokohama one but...well...
  4. @CloudyWolf85 Luckily, I actually have 2 registered Supports who have Boost units so I've actually managed to buy the SSR & all the HR tickets. Its just that leaving most of the SR tickets would still "leave a bitter tease in my mouth" so to speak. That's my case, I know others even have it worst. I hoped they've gotten over their "questionable decisions" phase but its showing signs again...
  5. @Edelweiss Seems they've slipped back into their bad habits already huh. Man, less than 1 & a half days left to farm Part 2 but Medal drop rate is so atrocious its not unusual to walk away w/ a whopping Zero medal drops. Its regrettable to let go of all those buyable Tickets.
  6. Oh yeah, I vaguely remember the event where we got that blue XFJ-1bthing...I managed to LBone but it remains non-XM3'd still (don't even remember the last time I used it). Ah, an SSR Fulcrum did come out but alas...out of reach once again (hopefully a obtainable SSR MiG-29 comes someday too). That swimsuit shopping Inia also brings back regretful memories again for me too...I could have gotten it if I wasn't short on G-ores back then. I was going to ignore that new part 2 event but the added event shop's got SSR tickets & other useful things too so I can't. There is a sever lack of Supports for Medal farming though.
  7. With all the TSFs that they keep releasing, it is rather noticeable how some are completely forgotten every time. Basically, what I'm saying is: C'mon gamedevs, give me my SSR versions for MiG-29 & the Fulcrum dammit'! We've had so many version of the F4's & MiG-21's already! Oh wait...the one in my mind was the Criska w/ very good AoE while riding in a Missile mech. It was actually the original SSR Inia...darn, now I really want to get her. @Edelweiss Jumping straight to the Hive Invasion already? That's slightly troubling. If so, did they find the Base invasion event too troublesome to "fix/nerf" so they decided tonot even try & choose to skip it altogether? Huh, new Terminator's XM3 passive's actually super good, makes skill spamming easier. UN Type-77's ok too I guess. Both gacha Mama's Boss killer & squad support skills are also great. Axeman CP is male centric huh.
  8. Oh, that Criska's got her OP power back? That's cool I guess (I don't have her still so)...though it also reminds me that they're unable to fix/nerf some as well like Iyo's broken skill that cannot be resisted even by Debuff immune enemies. Almost missed collecting theloot from last Event's Achievement rewards...I didn't remember seeing it before at all. Mm, seeing how the plans seem to be Reruns + New random or themed events in between, it will still be quite a while before all new players officially "catchup" & the main scenario's Season 2kicks off again. Haah, gotta' wait still... New artist forthe 4koma's nice~
  9. Eh...That was it? They weren't bad...I guess? I was just expecting, I dunno', more 'MuvLuv' out of it.
  10. It means that the TSF can only its ability's full potential when Haruko is the one piloting it (Any Haruko, like even the SR one). If any other pilot is using it, its XM3 passive defaults to a more weaker effect. A lot of other TSFs also have this condition like most of Squad 207C's custom units. A lot ofthe Valkyrie's also get their own so look forward to thecoming reruns I guess (although some ofthem are gacha exclusive as per usual). The MC being faceless is usually just relegated to adefault UN blue unit though. Fornow, hopefully, maybe. Not the best but one can get a often decent enough understanding of the available Pilot & TSFabilites here:,15700021,15700043,15700124,15700149,15700168,15700186,15700189,15700201&usg=ALkJrhh4VNq72UNkOdjkrN0gRB7GMG8NAg Speaking of which...what ever happened to that TSF survey they held around Xmas/before New Year( around that time)? Weren't they gonna' give something about that?
  11. Of course. The shiny & nifty stuff usually are locked in "special event gacha"s after all Anywho, this isthe squad I usually field. (I do change the CP properly to a Speed type...whenI remember & not speed tap through that is) Some casualties at times but usually the constant healing & missile rain ofdeath gets everyone through. It works well enough even w/ the Susanoo II support I bring constantly hurting everyone. Probably won't work as well if there's more Lasers & Destroyers around though...but for now they do. Seriously, when the rerun where the gold custom Typhoon (and orange custom A6I guess) comes again, do everything in your power to get at least a couple or more new guys. They help break a lot of the game largely in our favor.
  12. @CloakGun DestinyzeroThat's a good target amount actually. But if able,get as much as you can. Though rare, the SSR pilots/TSFs that occasionally comes usually cost around 2k-3k+- a piece more or less so if there are multiple ones, you can get most if not all of them easily. The shop also refreshes every month so a SSR ticket becomes buyable each time. With the usual gacha rates, the tickets is actually a slightlybetter bet of getting something nice/usable at least. Riiight...a good cup... And yes, It is noticeable that one of the Susanoo II 's tactics was just to get super close and/or outright "ram" into enemies.
  13. Hmm, since it may be coming next...Iwonder if they if they'll Rerun the Defense of Yokohama Base event untouched as it was. The rewards on those were good in both quality & quantity & as long as one worked hard, just kept on raining in that the gamedevs probably regretted it "being too easy" tot he point that it almost ruined their gacha system. Apparently she'sa coffee puppy of sorts And yeah, Irisdina probably is the culprit since I haven't hanged in the GW boss rush ever since I've ignored her. Finally got a Support w/ the Susanno 2 to see it for myself...holy crap that unstable R-field barrier hurts. So maybe that's why the WIN pose camera is off center, they adjusted it for the Susanoo being in your party I think. Though knowing them & their constant the Type-00C was missing its swords again.
  14. @CloudyWolf85This rerun is good news for you & other newbies cuz' if this becomes a pattern, then its a continuousreruns (maybe only stopped by seasonal events)of all the plot related eventsuntil Operation Ouka. If my theory rings true, you'll get your wish early & be able to experience it all.Anywho, this event is pretty nifty& all 3 of the SSR TSFs are actually quite good as well. Silver Disks are once again limitless on the event shop too. Oooh, we also finally get more ofthose promised rewards waiting in our Gift boxes, onemost notable ones is the SSR coffee puppy girl Yuna Katagiri (finally!). Ah, the XG-70b finally arrives...but alas, its predictably gacha locked. ThatSSRMiko Sumika is one of my regrets because I didn't but it back then when it was one of those rare prizes available on the UN coin this day I still don't have a SSR Technique CP.
  15. GW Boss rush's SSR A6 doesn't seem interesting but fusing or selling it for UN coins is more than welcome. All the nifty Skill Up loot is sweet as well.Only character Boost I have for that is CP SR Yuuko & the support I bring but aside from one time, its been Rainbow chest drop each time for me as well. With the infinite SIlver Disk in the event shop, its a really good time to stock up on lots of stuff.