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  1. @haloff1 Ooooooh thats the phase 3 really love that one, like i mentioned in my other post, first time seeing that image nice
  2. @Edelweiss No man they really fucked up this time because i play in various games like this and there are 2 ways to get "limited editions" with a normal gatcha like we always roll with g-crystals and that is only a chance you have to roll the SSR unit, no guarantee of getting it and the paid one with real money that you are guaranteed to get the unit after a certain number or rolls made, is the one that we have here(pay wall) they really were greedy this time. Now that i think about there is a third way to get units with guarantee, step ups and in other games you can do them with free currency not like here that only DMM points are used and like @Imabot said the Xmas and new year could be obtainable by using free g-crystals, last event was pretty good to be honest now we got a meh one
  3. Shitty event doesn have a shop how im supposed to XM3 my new Takemi or to awake my Yifei? what was the point of not rolling for the new Yui and saving for Irisdina or Beatrix? she is only rollable with DMM points the fuck, time to have a break of one week until something new appears, the worse i didnt even rolled and im dissapointed... my hate for this shawerksomething intensifies once again
  4. Favorite TSFs: Takemi 00R, 00F or 00A in their different colors i dont have a favorite like them all Raptor but only in black so i guess is the infinites ones, dont like it in other color Terminator because of the chainsaws, and i like the design aswell, want my termy with chainsaws in the game In the end the 3 big ones XFJ-01 Shiranui Second Phase 3 too bad this one never appeared in the anime only saw a couple of pics of it and of a toy or scale model. The rest of the Shiranuis are not important to me What i know about muvluv? not a lot just random info here and there like what is the 00 unit got spoiled by myself while reading the different events in the wikia and one was mentioning it and i was what is that i went read and i was looooool ok whatever so i dont mind if you spoil something about muv, alternative, etc. The only thing i wanna read or watch by myself not spoiler(dunno where to get it or if its translated) is what happened after the end of the anime of total eclipse only know that a big important battle happened and Yuuya uses the the phase 3 and the hive etc but just a very limited general idea so dunno in the end lol. And the one where Irisdina appears that i cant spell that tittle to be honest, because the anime covered all so its ok for you spoil about it and because i hate that series in the end so i dont care lol
  5. From my 100 runs i got 3 SSRs drops and the one from the mission and 16 Yifeis and 1 from the 24ap
  6. So we are getting a SM event then i dont think will roll for the new SSR Yui, but i want that SR Yuuya too lol. Want Irisdina or Beatrix for the next gatchas but omg to roll them that is gonna be hard. @haloff1 Awwww all your Yuis died in vain too bad man for those news. and yep it failed to load the Dmm points that afternoon, then tried again at night of that same day and it was successful this time, my question is can we buy again the same package when it ends? or is it only one time life offer?
  7. @Imabot Thanks for the advice didnt know that, because the only one i XM3ed did it after i LBed the unit. Pretty useful man
  8. @KJO Yui loves you dood so much haha at least you have a lot of SSRs so its easier to get a dupe thats the bad thing And guys look Got them 3 times already and 13 more runs for the 100th one dunno what i should do, leave one for leveling and other fused with the other 2 and make it XM3 or leave the 4 copies alone and XM3 one of them and raise the others and leave them normal to have a Takemi squad with my white one lol. As you can see i dont have a lot of SSRs like others here and my only XM3 is the P Terminator. Yesterday was Yifei day got only her copies, today was Takemi day got the 3 today and only one Yifei lol
  9. @haloff1 Yep thats why i want the J-10, well 58 runs in the 30 ap and no SSR drop, tomorrow will finish this. @Reis Got 13 Yifeis will see how many i can get in the end for my army lol come on J-10 COME ON!!! When i got the SR ticket from the 50 runs i was like yeah lets use it i never get what i want and it never turns to SSR then this happened... Not what i wanted but my first SSR TSF so pretty happy lol too bad cant use it for this event And i tried to load DMM points this afternoon but failed tried again at night and i could this time paypal trying to save my money i guess now to wait a month to get another SSR and yep like you said hallof its pretty cheap that package for what we get at the end and all the stuff in it. Maybe they gave me the SSR because they were like hey this guy tried to buy DMM points but he couldnt lets give him a SSR as apology for his problems lol
  10. @haloff1 Yep got like 6 copies of her farming for 30 runs lol i stopped after the game crashed... btw gratz with your J-10, all are getting one here except me... and i saw that bronze gift that gave you the SSR ticket, wondering can i just load for the price of that package or i need to load a minimun lets say 1000 dmm points or something and when it ends can we buy it again for other month? And am I the only one getting this bug? meiya is like i can fly ♫ and she goes over the buildings or pass them and she is in the other side and cant come back The bad thing is that she doesnt attack anymore when she does that
  11. Ohh so we moved to a new place ooooook. First run of 24 ap got Yifei, she loves me lol and lol that fort class at least my better units are P type (still no SSRs...) gonna try to adjust my units to finish the 30 ap, damn it i need that takemi in my life i hope i get it
  12. Wooohoo got Sharon to drop at my second ap bar in the 30ap quest first time rolling it lol God bless those super ultra Psycho power Inias hahaha
  13. Im bored of this event i want it to end already i thought it finished today morning, was wrong awwww at least i suppose for tomorrow we will get something new
  14. Happy New Year doods @Imabot Sure here is 26498250 IGN HydraFlare, a while ago i posted it in the reddit somewhere lol @haloff1 Your time will come man dont worry, at least you have your super duper yui at skill lvl 25, mine is at 7 and i have ubber bad luck in this game after rolling Cui you see that SR missile type? good after him in all my SR ticket rolls and even the R ticket that evolved to SR i have gotten only missile TSFs lol 5 of them in a row including the one in the screenshot, when i want more sword type i only have one(crying in a corner) maybe i will just install windows 10 in that HR J-10 sword type and kind of make it a SR lol
  15. Yeah i know im late to the party but just wanted to share that at last after 94 days of playing this game, this monday when i opened the game i was lets enter for the daily stuff then i see the new event and see Cui Yifei rate up and i was hmmmmmm i held myself the last time because i was saving for something but always when i roll for something here i never get what i want so lets end this once and for all lol i had 200 crystals first roll Meiya SR oh great 3rd one, second roll Maya SR and 2nd one.. ok third roll OMFG i got her my first SSR and is what i exactly wanted(Criska doesnt count she is from the pre release gatcha) was waiting for her bikini card that we saw in the datamine but this is way better XD, she is my second favorite in total eclipse, Yui your position is falling gradually, cause you never answered my call, china is getting stronger here hahaha