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  1. These are translators and developers doing a port (Maybe a bit extra). What they do is almost independent (apart from intellectual property) of what âge does. However, it is possible, considering the end of the manga is near. Your point in this case is quite valid. The main problem is the lack of transparency and complacency of a developer for a crowd funded game is not good for the product, the dev or the consumer.
  2. A bit weird. I wouldn't worry about the 'jumping ship' scenario. Pretty well established publisher. Taking as long as possible during this project, most likely out of complacency caused by receiving the kick starter money before even starting the project. It appears that there isn't a great deal of motivation on the part of the developer and translators. However, there could also be an issue with intellectual property or something. Just another possibility.
  3. Just letting you know that, at least on my steam, there was an update to Muv-Luv. The bug fixes are most likely what is inside. Haven't yet checked.
  4. Question about priorities

    The reasoning behind this is strange. I'm not particularly for or against, but my opinion on the update is it shouldn't take as long as it has taken to get to this stage. But anyway, the fundamental reasoning they have presented for making it lower priority is that it takes too long. That doesn't make a great deal of sense, given it would be in their best interest to do the things which take longer first, rather than push them back and make the process of that update take even longer. The reasoning would make sense if it was just for the vita release, but all I can see in the tweet is "hey look, it took too long, therefore lower priority next time, Vita bumped to higher priority. xd". Which doesn't make much sense. However, I think the positive is the Vita release won't take anywhere near as long as this update has taken.
  5. Muv-Luv Feedback

    I'd have to disagree on the 'planning ahead' statement. What a developer is doing by announcing an update is marketing rather than planning to actually make the update. Its different to what your company would be doing in most cases, I'd imagine. Most PR won't announce something until it is actually started in many cases. It is to give incentive to those who didn't purchase the game or who were sitting on the fence to do so, to purchase it. Advertising in a way. The bad thing about this silence is that there are clearly bugs within the current version of the game, existing since launch, which have not been addressed for literally months. Many people will just assume that the developer doesn't care for the game right now and that it is a complete product, even though it isn't. Edging on two months without an update on the kickstarter, and three months on the actual game. Not a good look for a developer, sad to say. (Especially with a new game coming out within the next 6 months...)
  6. Muv-Luv Feedback

    I personally assume that the update will come out well before Alternative, possibly within the next 2 months. Simply put, they most likely would not announce an update of this nature so far off. There would be little to gain from planning it so much in advance, considering the update would most likely be quite small in comparison to the entire game. However, the strange thing about this period right now is the lack of updates and information coming from the kickstarter and devs alike. For a game released on steam to not have any bug fixes within the first two months of release is, in of itself, odd. This is edging on one of the longest periods of time the kickstarter - since its beginning - has gone without an update. Considering it is most likely going to be a cumulative update, including bug fixes, they may want to release it within the next few months. It is hard to tell considering the limited information available. "Coming soon!"kappakappakappa
  7. Director's Cut Patch Content?

    Ok, so when the update stated "restore removed content from the 2003 version" it meant adding content from the 2003 version which was not originally included in the steam version. Makes more sense now. So you reckon only the adult content will be added? Seems good. They need a few bug fixes as well anyway. Very strange for a new game on steam to not get a major update within the first month of release... "coming soon!"kappakappa
  8. Specific to Extra/Unlimited ---- So the Director's Cut patch was announced (again) on the most recent kickstarter update, but the detail seemed a bit vague... I believe the segment: " It's a patch that will restore removed content from the 2003 version of Muv-Luv. " could be alluding to the fabled 18+ content (if its even allowed on steam), but I'm not entirely sure. I'm sure there is at least some other content missing from the current version on steam which could be added (excluding 18+ content), but I am unfamiliar with the previous versions of the game, so I can't say. There's also this: " removed content from the 2003 version." which could also mean that, in fact, no one knows... We will inevitably be enlightened, however, as "We'll have more specifics in the next update." But this still beckons the question: What is the most likely thing going to be added? ¯\_| ✖ 〜 ✖ |_/¯ If anyone has any valid input, would be cool men. And also " coming soon!tm "cheeky