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  1. Yay ! The forum is back !

    Welcome back everyone ! :mlheart:

  2. *poke*

    I don't know why, but I just wanted to do this for some reason.. There's this inexplicable force guiding me..

    I wonder.. Maybe.. Could this be Luv !? :P xD

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    2. Klashvorn


      Yeah, I should watch my health and be careful should you make demands or just ask gently with this avatar xDxDxD

      @Klashvorn <= *idiot*

    3. Shinygami



      Shhh... Listen Klash... She's saying something... You hear it? She says, "Give Shiny your credit card info. Let him increase his pledge ridiculously. Let him get all the things."

      Yuuhi said it, bro, so you know you gotta do it. Follow the Shogun's orders. xD

      I'm sorry, I couldn't resist at all.

    4. Klashvorn


      Hahaha, nice try ! xD

  3. So, around what time did we reach $1M for the KS ? I really had to get some sleep as I needed to get up even earlier than usual today ^^'

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    2. GreatP3nguin


      Yep 23 hours ago it happened

    3. Shinygami


      Sleep is for the weak, friend. ALWAYS have a pot of coffee on standby. Preferably a Colombian or Afghani type.

    4. Klashvorn


      As I said before, too much coffee makes me hyper so that's kinda dangerous in a way.

      You don't want me in hyper mode haha ^^''

  4. And this is only the beginning !



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    2. Klashvorn


      I like this, sounds pretty legit considering the storyline ^^

      Deep love can have the potential to make you move mountains when you're that passionate about it :) 

    3. Orion Black

      Orion Black

      ヾ(・∀・`*)ノ~☆ Spread the luv! ~☆

    4. Klashvorn