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  1. No. As I said before, there's no reason anyway.
  2. Greetings ! If you've claimed the old Steam keys and played before the rights transfer, you should still have the games in yourlibrary. However, you'll no longer be able to get Steam trading cards so there's no reason to play the old version of the Steam release over the new one.
  3. My Vita Shipment

    Hi there ! Yikes ! This is kinda late ! Was it the company which is taking care of the shipment that you ended up contacting? Have you tried using the email in this (now closed) form ?https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScezrsVUsE_BFRTOYB8DAP7ZoWba1addo8E5s6Oc96w87fWXA/closedform This could be a long shot but maybe someone will be able to track it down. I hope you'll get sorted out eventually…
  4. Muv Luv Fans discord channel

    With backers getting their rewards, we've seen a few people wanting to trade items in favor of others. To that end, we've added a newchannel to the community section. #muv-luv-trading Requests for any kind of Muv-Luv merchandise can be compiled here No public addresses, phone numbers or any kind of confidential information should be present If you're interested by a request, take the conversation to private messages with the one who posted the request Do not use this channel for discussions, questions/clarifications are fine though so think of this as a billboard If a request looks shady, please report it We reserve the right to take requests down if they're confirmed as shady and/or not genuine We cannot be held accountable for any issues, you should still be careful when dealing with such things
  5. Potential change of address

    Yes indeed, you have until May 31st to update your address through BackerKit, as stated in the last Kickstarter update : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/muvluv/muv-luv-a-pretty-sweet-visual-novel-series/posts/2184527
  6. We're Making A Visual Novel! (Also an obvious KS Live Post)

    Are you aware of this project @THN? If not, here you go
  7. Hi Everyone!

    Yahallo~ ! Hoping the Luv spreads to you as we have various discussions ! Welcome to this community !
  8. Muv-Luv birthday song

    I'm not a mod here and you're praising me way too much but thank you regardless !
  9. Muv Luv Fans discord channel

    Since the forum is back online, I'm taking this opportunity to bump thethread. - Discord has implemented collapsible categories and, as such, we've been organizing the channels for even less clutter - We've added a #roles channel to describe what the different ranks grant you access to (relevant for spoiler-ish content mostly) - Both the#rules and #roles channels are in their own category at the top of the list so be sure to check them upon joining - Either me or the Rear Guard members will be glad to answer questions you might have about the server and how things work If you're looking to discuss Muv-Luv (and more) with fans from around the world, possibly making friends and discovering new things on the way, ourcommunityis a welcoming and easy going bunch !
  10. Collector's Corner

    Pretty neat ! This is making me want to try and get a few things but I shouldn't right now (^~^;)ゞ
  11. Yay ! The forum is back !

    Welcome back everyone ! :mlheart:

  12. Muv Luv Fans discord channel

    As Alternative is out for backers and pretty soon for everyone else on September 18th (or 19th depending on where you are), I'm bumping this to remind you guys that anyone who wants to chat about the franchise and more is welcome. Whether you're a newcomer to the series or a veteran taking this opportunity to revisit the games, we accommodate for all readers, so feel free to drop by and say hi !
  13. Muv Luv Fans discord channel

    A quick update to share recent changes on the server : - Aiming for less clutter in the number of channels available, we've grouped a few ones together some time ago, mainly anything that could be bundled into a single side material channel (you'll still need the appropriate rank to see it) - #guidelines has been relabeled as #rules and its contents have been rewritten for more clarity as well All in all, just minor things. Once again, feel free to join if you have an interest in chatting about Muv-Luv, visual novels in general and other related topics !
  14. Muv Luv Fans discord channel

    Bumping this to update you guys on a few changes and additions. - I don't remember ever writing this down but the Storm Vanguard members are administrators and the Rear Guard are moderators. - The Recruit role has been discarded and as a result, the Eishi role has changed a bit. Current members have been upgraded from the former Eishi role to Valkyrie member. As a Valkyrie, we encourage you to mute channels you want to avoid because of potential spoilers. Here's a summary, just to be clear on this : Cadet - For those currently reading/planning to soon read Muv-Luv Eishi - For those who have completed (or want to see spoilers for) Extra and Unlimited but not Alternative Valkyrie Member - For those who have completed the main trilogy, allows access to all the channels we have, including other âge VNs and shows - A #guidelines channel has been added as a reminder for what to be mindful of if you intend on interacting with others, the usual stuff which makes sense really. - Suggestions about the Discord itself can be discussed about in the #suggestions channel. - Images (outside of spoilerish ones) have a dedicated place to go to in the #pics_and_stuff channel. Video links are fine too. - #vn_news, like the name suggests, is used for sharing information about other visual novels : releases, crowfunding projects, etc… - #voice_chat is useful for those of you who speak in the voice channel but need to share stuff like images or links while having a conversation. People who just listen in can also type there to interact, this makes things less confusing. I'd also like to take this opportunity to stress out a fact. If you join, say hi at the very least even if you intend on lurking, you won't see a bunch of things without a role and that probably defeats the purpose of joining for most people. Seems like a waste to join the server only toleave just after a few minutes without saying anything, that doesn't help us knowing whether something was wrong or you were expecting something else either. Don't be a stranger, nobody's going to bite
  15. Director's Cut Patch Content?

    It's not listed an as ending but the content is restored, yes.