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  1. Muv-Luv Feedback

    I decided to go ahead and create an account so that I can join the other great voices in here. First of all, finally getting to open up Muv-Luv on steam was really a blast. Not something I'd have ever expected to happen when I originally read the VN. The first thing I did was enter the options and I was slightly disappointed seeing some of the features in the original engine had been cut. After reading through the many comments made I understand the changes, but I'll still miss my blue colored UI and text-boxes. Pink just doesn't do it for me. Probably my biggest issue with the game initially was Unlimited being immediately unlocked. Through my time participating and reading discussions about Muv-Luv there was always an abundant amount of people who wished to skip Extra, or asked if it was actually important. The community always responded in unison that Extra is a central part of what makes Unlimited and Alternative as good as they are. I have no doubt that there is an amount of people who would have skipped Extra altogether if they had the option which is available in the current version on steam. I was very glad to see other people shared this view and that the Degica team has not only taken that feedback, but are allowing us to give some input. As for my input I think the in-depth version gives new readers a good explanation as to how important Extra is. After I actually got to reading Muv-Luv for a while something struck me about the visuals. I could certainly see some improvement on some of the CGs, but oddly enough overall the visuals seemed to be slightly lackluster. Of course I went into my display to try and see if I just had it unscaled, but nothing seemed to make it as smooth as it should or could be. While it isn't a huge problem it was just something I noticed as I read. A big disappointment for me after realizing it, was the issue with the music and copyrights. Livin La Vida Muv Luv was a very memorable track for me and I'm very sad to see it go. As it was discussed I don't see much that can be done, so I will try my best to embrace the new tracks that will replace them. While initially some of the localization choices in the translation were a bit jarring, I felt like they represented the dialogue in a much better way than the fan translation. Especially for readers who can't pick up some of the meaning from the Japanese voicing. The translation in general flowed much better and really seemed to much more enjoyable. Overall I'm very glad that this project made it so far. While I had my gripes with some of the changes, I feel that the spirit of Muv-Luv is still intact, and its now in a more accessible format. Thanks to all the Degica staff that has been working on this project to bring it to this point, and even more-so for addressing the opinions of the fans. I'll be waiting warmly for more updates, and eventually the release of Alternative.
  2. International Eishi Roster

    Enkido USA Of course I'm a huge VN fan, and Muv-Luv is in my top 3 if not my outright favorite. A lot more cash than I would have ever expected to spend on a visual novel...