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  1. Re:Creators

    I suppose - Re: Creators was kinda "trope-y" if you ask me, mainly because of the story they were telling. I mean, you want the "side world" characters to be readily relatable without having to do too much backstory work so you can focus on the main conflict. I see what you're saying though.
  2. Re:Creators

    I'd have to watch it again. I didn't really notice any references my first time through.
  3. Extra/Unlimited had a Jukebox that unlocked with the rest of the Extras, but Alternative doesn't have this. That's kind of sad because there is some really good music in Alternative that wasn't in Extra/Unlimited. Never gonna happen? Can we perhaps buy the soundtrack somewhere?
  4. Sure thing - and for what it's worth I think most of the side stories are on the list in the kickstarter, though I don't think they mentioned Total Eclipse. Have to check.
  5. Probably through age-soft.com, but the site is in Japanese and you will need to find fan translation patches for anything that isn't covered under the kickstarteror if you just don't want to wait.
  6. Why does Unit 00 look like Sumika?

    Well, I covered the DNA angle and why it wouldn't produce a perfect match - different physical stimuli will result in the same DNA producing different results, as can be seen in identical twins. By adulthood, identical twins (which are technically clones, sharing identical DNA) can look startlingly different. My cousins are easily distinguishable from one another at age 46, though they were identical in my book at age 8. I would say that your item 2 is a fantastic thought, though. Kasumi could take the image from Sumika and pass it directly to Yuuko.
  7. Why does Unit 00 look like Sumika?

    At the very least you can assume they had basic data from school records and various medical information systems. Additionally, they don't talk about it much but it would be possible to extrapolate some of the missing information from genetic material. Nevertheless, it would be impossible to exactly replicate her body. Even twins, who are literally clones, are not actually identical - their fingerprints are different (something we've known for a very long time) so you can also assume that neural pathways would develop differently as well. I'd have to guess that Yuuko's assumption would be that Sumika's psyche would accept a body that was "close enough" because the mind would shy away from the alternative instinctively. From the author's side, I think they're asking us for some suspension of disbelief here. So just do some technological handwaving and get back to enjoying the story.
  8. The more I think about it, the cooler I think it'd be to see a stand-alone game made in, say, UE4. If you ever played any of the Mechwarrior games, I imagine it like that but much faster paced - sort of Mechwarrior meets Unreal Tournament, with cool stunts and maneuvers in the mix. Add a cool story to it and you could literally play a game where you're an Eishi on the front. The annoying thing about that is... I could put a rough together pretty easily if I could get the art/audio assets.
  9. I guarantee they're using an automated RNG - I am certain there isn't some old lady picking numbers by hand. I can't speak to whether or not they're cheating, but I can say that odds and outcomes don't always match up. That's why it's called a game of chance. Of course, if they're actually cheating it's even worse. Personally, I don't gamble (that's what this is, by the way). I work in the gaming industry (as in slot machines, not "real" video games) and I know the mathematicians behind this stuff - they set it up to be crappy from the get-go. Head on out to Vegas where there are casinos that advertise 99.99% payout and I can pretty much guarantee you'll go home broke. Math is inexorable and unsympathetic.
  10. <shrug> My point is, whatever the rate is supposed to be, there is no reason on Earth you couldn't expect to go a thousand rolls and not hit (unless the rate is 100%). Even pseudo-random number generators are that decent. Just because the odds on a coin flip are 50% doesn't mean that you're going to get two heads in four tosses....
  11. Just a note on probability - 4% drop rate does not mean that if you roll 100 times you will get 4 hits. Don't believe me? Just create a simple RNG in your favorite programming language and run the numbers. In slot machines and other casinogames(my personal field) it is assumed that your sample size is in the millions. So, of 100,000,000 rolls, 4% will be hits. Small sample sizes are statistically insignificant.
  12. I see it a ton, and I just caught a corner case in Alternative during a dialog with Kashiwagi. You are either "on the front lines" or "in the rear" / "in garrison." You're not "on/at the rear lines." You're not "behind the front lines" unless you're mangling "behind enemy lines," in which case it's even more serious than being "on the front lines." So, to be specific, the line "So they basically think we UN troops are just twiddling our thumbs here behind the front lines" should be"So they basically think we UN troops are just twiddling our thumbsin the rear." It was handled correctly in a dialog between Yuuko and Cpt. Kozawa during the evacuation of Sadogashima, though ("The last thing any of us want is to sit on our hands in the rear.")- so kudos for that! Generally, Muv Luv has been really good about this but this really annoyed me in the Total Eclipse subtitles.
  13. The Susano-O while piloted by the 00 Unit is ostensibly "unmanned," though technically the "AI" is a digitized human mind.
  14. And I've come to the conclusion that it's a toss-up for the best girl - Tsukuyomi Mana or Kouzuki Yuuko. Also, while reading Alternative I realized I had heard Suzumiya Akane's voice somewhere before. It's Matsushima Michiru from the Grisaia games (I'm sure I'm late to the party on that one). It was her "flustered" lines that gave it away for me - pretty adorable. I saw a bunch of "man, causality conductor explanationwas wrapped up too fast" comments around - but the foreshadowing was there for freakin' ever and I'm amazed that so many people apparently didn't catch on. I do kind of agree that the final chapter feels a bit too quick, though. Something else - I get that some scenes are meant to have moreimpact and so the pacing seems like it should be controlled by the writer... but, damn it, I read hella fast and when you make me sit through twenty minutes of exposition it kind of pisses me off. Not to mention that I'm not sure where I have to pick up for the unlocks so I'm thinking I'm going to have to sit through those scenes four more times....
  15. These guys have a long history of poor community interaction when they're under pressure. They're still working hard, I'm sure, but some management types somewhere are probably "horribly ashamed" over what they see as a failure to deliver on time. It would be really nice if they'd adopt Bioware's old attitude of "it'll be done when it's done - here's what we're doing this week" (something that Bioware has lost in recent years, sadly). Anyway, don't read too much into their silence - they'll poke their heads up when they're ready. Perhaps they should open-source their engine - having half a million nerds picking at it might actually help. There are some pretty smart people out there and many would be happy to contribute just for shits and grins.