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  1. Schwarzesmarken

    I feel you buddy. I really do. But for me I can't. I critique it because I love it.I'm sorry. I know how good can it be from the source material. And I know it can be good. Look at Little Busters! or Clannad or Steins;Gate.That's the issue. I kind of wish I didn't read the novel now because then maybe I would simply overlook theproblems in the anime and say "Hey I sat through Guilty Crown, this is nothing compared to that. NOTHING!". I think I shot myself on the foot on this one P.S: I like your comment because maybeI think that Reavan is cool and secretly think the whole Star Wars Expanded Universe getting shafted rubs me wrong. I don't know.
  2. Schwarzesmarken

    Ok. Episode 3 came up. was better than the other episodes to its credit. But, it felt that everything it showed was unearned and out of nowhere.Due to the abyss of character development in the previous 3 episodes, this episode felt even more rushed than the last 2. The scene of Theodor and Irisdina. Katia's battle on the fort. The picture burning scene, which thank god they did include but still.Everything really felt weak. Powerful moments turned into 10 second snippets. Except the scene of Irisdina and Theo, that was supposed to be good. Supposed, because at no point in the story we were shown evidence that Theo wasn't an ass or that Irisdina was rooting for Theo. This sudden change of heart just comes out of nowhere. And again, due to the lack of a character progression for Katia, today's episode rectifies my view. That Katia didn't need to change anything about her. It is the world that should change and as long as she stays alive it will be just fine. What kind of bullshit is that?! What happen to her naivety and childishness?She sees some gore and blood and suddenly she all yuppety?! No! Just No. Now more spoiler VN discussion. But still, this episode was better that the last two. But really, with the material covered today, how hard could it be? Today had more stuff happening so of course it was supposed to be better. The 3 episode trial rule in anime has allow me to set the bar on this anime. Let's just say that if this anime was Limbo, we all have to be pros to play it. That's all.
  3. Schwarzesmarken

    Just finished episode 2. My only comment is that pacing and character developmentagain are rushed or missing and the overall story suffers from it. There is not time to build much of anything except moving from scene to scene and forward the plot. They cut off the fact that Or the fact when the Stasi comes up Also they are really slacking off on the character development. Katia at this point of the story is a naive twat that needs to mature the fuck up. But the anime shows so far, that again due to lack of character development of the other members of the squad including Theodore and Katia, everyone except her are assholes and shewill be the one that brings change. From the tone in the anime, they are the ones that need to change, not her. But in the VN the squad hates the STASI but they know that by being a chatty patty nothing will be done and that's why Katia need to kill his own naivety.By this pointin the VN, she has been slapped in the face like 6 or 20 times I don't remember. She got slapped a lot by Gretel. And Sylvia. She also gets slapped by Irisdina too.And finally a big issue here. We lost all of this. All of this development. All we are left now is with inconsistent cheap villians that don't act as they preach, unlikable protagonists and secondary characters that might as well be background NPCs. And here I am hoping for the third episode to be good. Because god dammit I love this series so much that even if it sinks, I still will be there. Schwarzesmarken VN part 2; please be here already!
  4. Spanish and Latin American Union

    Ok. Tal vez este en la minoria pero...Hay alguien aqui que se sienta frustrado de la falta de representacion del Cono Hispanoamericano en el universo de Muv-Luv? Alguien? Se que la Cabo Canales es pues de la peninsula Iberica pero...pues no es suficiente. No se. A lo mejor no me sienta bien que el mundo se este llendo a la verga y desde Mexico hasta la Argentina no mas sus luces. Ok, se que los hispanos solemos ser un poco desinteresados en veces y solemos ver el vaso medio lleno en situaciones que para otros ya hubieran dadose por vencidos, pero creo que hay limites. O simplemente Yoshimune Koki y sus camaradas no predijeron que su serie se iba a hacer tan popular. O pereza. Una de las 3.
  5. Schwarzesmarken

    Ok. First impressions from the episode 1: Animations is good. Carnelian appeared in the credits so at least there is that consistency with the novels art. The OST (except the ED) is the same OST used in the VN which I don't blame them, it's really good. The pacing is a little too fast for my taste but since its an anime, that was bound to happen. I feel that Theodor comes more off an ass here than in the VN because again lack of characterization due to time constrains. Same with Irisdina. The conversation they had in Poland after "that happened." was more powerfully done in the VN.In the anime it was just like 4 sentences before saving Katia. Again, time constraints. Also they better start explaining the role of a political commissar real soon otherwise people will start to say "How come a lieutenant can talk back to a captain?" and get confused. But there was one legitimate thing I didn't like. Again, all things I said right now are all because they have a limited time slot in an anime-cour. But that last scene with Beatrix just came out of nowhere and to me it cheapens her as a villain. In the novel she is background character in the beginning and only comes into motion after "things happen". It's subtle, may I say sexy in how evil she is. It perfectly represents the STASI. A looming fear in the background that in any given notice will transform and jump back at you. I see why her squadron name is the Werewolves now. Thanks literary analysis! In the anime we immediately antagonize her BEFORE her character is introduced. That is the key difference. Wehate her before we even hear her utter a sentence. It would have been a more powerful scene later on the anime, not in the beginning. Ok, I might come out as a nerd right now but...Have you guys read 1984 by George Orwell? Spoilers of 1984 ahead! So to me is kind of like that you know. That is how you show how godawful the Stasi is. Make the fear andparanoia an ever present reality of the world but show it when its due, otherwise they appear only as the "the bad guys" instead of a sick ideological system that works from top to bottom, from official to soldier to civilian. And that is my impression of the first episode. tl;dr: It was good. Entertaining and an improvement over TE. Some problems with characterization due to time constraints and aweak villain introduction but overall solid. Will watch till the end. 1 Thumbs up!
  6. Schwarzesmarken

    Man it was bummer that the VN ended in a cliffhanger that probably one could see from a mile away. Still a cliffhanger no less. I wonder is the anime will cover the entire light novels or will it end like TE. I kind of want it to finish like TE because then I can go and have the excuse to finish part 2. If not then that's cool too. Because then I can be like a cynical asshole and say "Well the VN did it better." Provided of course they end the anime where Part 1 ended.
  7. Mmm. Well Theodorand Yuuya have similarish qualitiesin their personalities, except that Yuuya is way more dense when it comes to his feelings or the others. And Silvio is well...the million dollar man. Man every time he punched something or did something I could only here the "chanananang" sound bite. So cool...But who am I kidding. I voted Takeru because he is well the archetype hero that all heroes strive to become. He is Luke Skywalker of VN's, a whiny ass brat that becomes the master of the force...willforce that is.
  8. The battle of Key/Visual Arts Protagonists!

    I vote for Otonashi. He's an all around guy with some flaws but no so damning character weakness that can bring him down as much as other guys. I feel that Riki and Kotaro are cool only after all shit went crazy. Kotaro is quite the hetare sometimes in my opinion but if this was a fist battle, my vote is Kotaro of the Chihaya route. But this is like picking who is your favorite son...

    I can see where your coming from. I think because the movie didn't have a "moment". The Darth Maul battle, the Mustafar battle, the greedo death, the death star battle, the I'm your father moment,etc. This movie lacked such a thing. I felt that it was more cohesive and more evely distributed but I can see why you call it soulless. At times it appear to be a "by the numbers" kind of movie. That's is why the movie to me is the most "blockbuster" like.

    I would rank revenge higher than the Phantom menace. Most people would.I will never forget when George said: Jar Jar is the key to all of this. You cannot look good after saying that. That thing was one of the most embarrassing moments in the history of cinema. And well one of the most embarrassing moments of TV was of course the Star Wars Holiday special. To say it was meh is kind of taking it a bit far. Yeah it isthe most blockbuster like movie of the franchise. Yeah it has flaws.But meh? Thorthe dark world is meh. Avatar ismeh. World war z is meh. My point is meh is when you go, "well that wasn't bad but I won't go out of my way to see this again". Also meh has a kind of forgettable factor to it. All the movies I mentioned have a lot of forgettable things.This movie was good. Not great. Just good. A popcorn and soda movie. I will take something good but that I have seen before rather than somethingnew butawful (I am looking at you Jupiter Ascending). There arelike 7 basic plots. It'sthecharacters, the setting, the tone and acting that make all the difference. Muv luv is the perfect example of this. It's the Hero's journey story. A story that has been repeated ad infinitum. But it was all the combination of the elements I stated before that made it excellent. I think there is still room for improvement in this new saga.

    I just read that article the other day. Pretty spot on. I do still believe in magic and miracles, I mean look at what we the fans of Muv Luv did. My overall impression of Star Wars VII which I will be happy to discuss: It was an enjoyable experience with a issues, but overall the good outdid the bad so I recommend it everyone. And it did removed that bitter taste of the prequels. Here is my issues in the spoiler tag. Like I said, this is a great movie. It's brilliant but we must not allow a movie to reach an untouchable pedestal, or anything (books, music, VN's) for that matter. Compared to other movies, this movie beat every expectation. And compared to most stuff release nowadays on theaters, that is a relief. Go watch it, and if you read my spoiler tag, again. There was much more stuff that I loved than Irolled my eyes toand I believe the future of the franchise looks promising,but since I realized I wrote more than I intended, I'll leave that for some other time. G'day.
  12. The Almighty SPAM TOPIC!

    You earned yourself a like! If only artists put more love to the male character art though(Sorry, but I'll takethe Mitsurugi Sisters art any day)...Damn you profitable demographics!!!
  13. The Almighty SPAM TOPIC!

    I need to I need to get that Takeru art. I am an equal opportunity art lover.
  14. Other Notable VNs

    You're right about Muramasa. The vertical text gives it the feudal vibe and it certainly can become a pain to translate. Sumaga is great and definitely I recommend it since most VN lists have very little to no comedy. I think only Majikoi is some listseven.
  15. Tabletop & board games

    Doanybody rememberHeroscape? I think that game was very underrated in how fun it could be. It made my buddies get into tabletop figurines.