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  1. Rewards being sent?

    I can confirm my package got through customs and is on it's way to be delivered. I'm paying 94$ for 420$ pledge. Which is roughly correct if the tax is from full pledge value.
  2. Rewards being sent?

    Thanks for quick reply. Will eagerly await update on this matter.
  3. It seems that rewards are being sent. I had DHL tell me they have my package, but I have received no word from either Muv Luv team or from Backerkit. But I'm having problem figuring out what to say tocustoms to let it through. Only information I have is that the package is marked as " GIFT-BAGSUNDRIES", weights 9.1 pounds (4.1 kg) and that I have ordered 400$ reward with Dakimakura and shirt add-on. The questio I have is if this is just Yuuko's gift bag or if it is everything.
  4. Changes to OST / Music licensing problems

    I might sound like broken record, but you don't understand what I'm saying. If their lawyers won't see much problem in Degica using the song, then getting the agreement might be easier and cheaper. Then it becomes cost/gain compromise.And if it gets popular later on, tough luck for them, unless the agreement included a clause for that. Basically, I would expect Degica / ixtl to do these steps: How hard or expensive would it be to get a license. This is primarily simplecommunication with original owner/distributor. No need for money here. How important the song is. Is it just filler or is it important piece to set the mood of the scene. Is there suitable replacement? Do one of the following: If the license is easy/cheap and song important. Get licensing fees / usage agreement. If the license is expensive / hard and suitable replacement song exists, use that one. All possible things in between. What I'm saying is that I'm fine with any of their decision as long as they have good answers to 1,2 and 3. But I'm not fine with them making decision without fully knowing if their song will be actual problem.
  5. Changes to OST / Music licensing problems

    Once again, you misunderstand. I'm not saying attempting to get rights. First step in this kind of situation is to agree that there is a problem. If their lawyers say "There is high chance will will push lawsuit", then Degica can stop talking to them and just remove the song. No need for agreements or licensing fees. Only if Degica decided the song is too important to be left out would they invest money and time to license it. Yeah, we can be cynical and say their lawyers will say that at anything that even reminds them of the original song. But that is still better than basing their decisions on uncertainity.
  6. Changes to OST / Music licensing problems

    You completely missed the point. I'm not saying to use the song and risk lawsuit. I'm saying they should do THE MINIMUM of research/communication. If they call/mailRicky Martin's lawyers and they say "Yeah, will will push lawsuit if you use that song.", then I will fully understand them not using the song. But I will not accept them not using the song just because there is RISK and FEAR of lawsuit. And this is not even that expensive. It takes total of 10 minutes to write up an email to interested parties and then maybe few hours of back-and-forth mail/phone communication to straighten things up.
  7. Changes to OST / Music licensing problems

    This is what I mean. There is A RISK. There is also possibility the original distributors would be fine with it for whatever reason. They can be like "yeah, it sounds same, but it is actually different, so we won't push lawsuit". I can (grudgingly)accept something along the lines "We communicated with original owner and found out it would take too much money and resources to license the song". I won't accept them not being sure if this will actually result in a lawsuit. I cannot accept them doing such drastic change based solely on fear. I agree with this one. I don't believe I'm getting my money's worth from the Kickstarter. But I'm fine with that, because I like the series and wish others to enjoy it too. But I'm starting to have doubts, seeing the changes that are being made.
  8. Reading me really uneasy. Simply said, I didn't pay over $400 for Degica / ixtl to destroy the most iconic pieces of the soundtrack. I understand that there is possibility of lawsuits against distributors. But I wouldn't consider just removing them to be a good service to people who paid for it, expecting to get good product out of it. You should have really used some of that HUGE lump ofmoney to at least talk with original distributors and ask them if this is really a problem. The songs are not exact copies. They might not have problems with it. There is also problem of this not being seen from the start. Kickstarter backers were not warned of these possible cuts. I would expect some kind of explanation or apology from Degica about this oversight.