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  1. muv luv removed by steam?

    I would actually like a refund. I didn't buy this game to support Sekai Project.
  2. We're now 1/3rd of the way through August and nothing more on that? The game was already delayed from last October, so what the heck is going on?
  3. Everything about this Kickstarter has been kind of disappointing. First the port to this new engine with really shitty scaling, which I've covered in the past - The original Muv Luv actually looks better because it knows to properly scale the images, unlike the new one which stretches them only. Hence you get ugly picture quality on larger monitors. Seriously, on my 27'', it looks awful. I can't imagine on a 50'' TV or so - yet I also booted up the original and did a side by side, the original had much clearer and sharper pictures. Then there is the cropping. Also the localization leaves much to be desired...the original fan translation is much more faithful to the source material. As for the topic at hand...Muv Luv Alternative was due out October, last year. It is now mid-way through May, and nothing. Also consider that what they started with, they claimed they only needed to re-translate about 20% of Ixtals translation, so it's not like they had to do the entire damn thing. Disappointing overall with the extreme lack of progress, updates and overall choices. I now understand why Nasu doesn't want official ports of his works, if such a big franchise like Muv Luv can experience this, it would be hellish to see F/SN officially brought over, his art destroyed in an attempt to make the images widescreen, characters now speaking English idioms and slang, ect. It's an absolute travesty the way this entire process has been handled, the lack of communication, and don't you say it's about money - the Muv Luv KS is the most successful VN KS to date, and overall is in the top 20 most successful kickstarters. They had the money. I mean hell, they even charged for the 18+ patch, which is pretty messed up as it's content you already paid for - removed. The lack of communication and general extended wait, better mean they've been doing a second pass on all this and maybe fixing the issues I mentioned above, but I doubt it. They got millions to re-release a product already made.
  4. Kickstarter Updates

    I'm not part of the Kickstarter I saw all these updates. Just by googling or looking on this website, where they've been posted before.
  5. Kickstarter Updates

    All of these updates are very old. Nothing new is being shown here.
  6. Muv-Luv Feedback

    The game originally ran in 4:3, god dammit. It shouldn't be that difficult for a team selling a product to do. This is supposed be the definitive version, we should have everything the original had - and more. NOT an inferior version.
  7. Muv-Luv Feedback

    Yeah, I want a 4:3 option so I can see the full image.
  8. Muv-Luv Feedback

    But the game had the content originally. They removed it. They are now putting it back and charging you.
  9. Muv-Luv Feedback So this just happened. Talk about disappointing. The patch was supposed to be free. It's all over the Steam forums and interviews, now the patch costs.
  10. Muv-Luv Feedback

    Jesus, been quite awhile since release, it is taking them forever. I almost regret buying it.
  11. Steam Achievement

    "Fun Time with Teacher"
  12. Steam Achievement

    Well, you can disagree, but it's the agreed upon term by man. Any woman of advanced age is now a MILF, instead of a cougar. Slang terms change with time.
  13. Steam Achievement

    It really doesn't matter when a MILF is concerned, it's anyone of the appropriate age to be a mother.
  14. Steam Achievement

    Or "Got MILF?" Probably too vulgar.